Friday, March 04, 2011

Like Falling Stars

Short update-Pretty much busy with work,the silence is deafening and somewhat creepy.Only 3 more weeks to go through,i will survive,heh.TP enrollment package arrived,lots of things to do including medical check-up,just completed most of the forms and whatnots today,kinda funny yet awkward for the check-up thing.And yes,eyesight degrees increase again,thank you so much computer and books.Sigh~

Been watching Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars,both series are getting more and more thrilling,yet VD next episode have to wait for another 4-5 weeks(?),the torture...

Movies too,like the sisterhood of the traveling pants 1 & 2,awesome movies;)

Gurus from youtube too,learnt quite a few things from them,make me wanna start one too,heh,that may just have to wait for a loooong time,shall see how then.

Sudden crave to buy a lot of things but money never seem to be enough,you know, like its human nature to desire for a lot of things we can't possibly get,that's why we can never be absolutely happy and living a perfect life.Oh,why have i become like this?I'll never learn to appreciate all the things i have now unless i lose them.

Maybe one day I'll just move to the countryside and continue my life there...bliss.Ha.

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