Sunday, June 28, 2009

think i'm starting to dread for tmr to come.
thought would be kinda happy or smth,but thinking again,really dread it.
so not looking forward to school...
time just flies too fast,even if i'm bored at home,spacing out,
i seriously would prefer tht lifestyle.
will be thrash with stacks of hwk,
sitting in a classroom for dunno-how-many hours,
facing teachers.
plus chemistry teacher is changing back to th one tht should hav taught us.
& ss is back to...i'm living in suspense during all tht periods.
God.think i can die of nervous shock someday-.-
wish tmr would never have come.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Can th day get any worse?
printer just died on me ytd while i was half printing of project.
wth.& th printer's ink is like made gold-.-
sudden surprise for me ytd too,lovee th toy[L]/.
home is like a shit.
quarrels and mre quarrels.
jeez,don't they even spare a thought for me?
am i invisible or smth?
why can't they just get along?
always would make a mountain out of a molehill.
sigh,hols is ending soon...

watched finished WGM,it was touching between HB & HJ.
really admire HB character.
she's cool,a person who is willing to help ppl,
great cook and esp th fact tht she can be herself in front of everyone.
she didn't care bout ppl as long she had fun...
doesn't matter if she fell and do crazy stunts.
cos ppl will be laughing with her not at her.
really like her attitude towards her life.
wish i could be mre like her...
boy,does this line sounds familiar.
anyway,get caught up in TYFWUU/TYFRMU with th SS501 in it.
damn funny!Addictive yea(:

damn f 'ed up with life.
just feel like falling into a hole never to be found.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

went out with ppl ytd.
kinda fun.
finally watch a movie in this whole mundane freaking mth.
pathetic aye.
guess this year's birthday would be kinda simple?
no celebration all tht,doing 'normal' stuffs at home.
don't mean to depressed or anything.
thought i would be mentally prepared.
but no idea whay a rush of feelings just washed over me.
hahas,luckily i'm still able to laugh at myself.
as they say,mre hopes bring mre disappointments.
think gonna start a bit on th project.
hols not extending,shld be happy uhh.
oh wells~life goes on anyway.
with or without,time ain't stopping for anybody.

oh yeah,a BIG Thank You to th ppl for th wishes and presents once again(:
much appreciated,enjoy your day today too ya.
time is moving forward.
gotta stay strong no matter what.
its still not too late i guess,
i'll keep goin forward too.
starting from today.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

looks like everyone is talking bout if there's an extra week of Hols.
seriously hope it won't became true.
kinda miss studying.
this almost-whole mth is like th most mundane thing tht had happen.
like totally wasted all this days,hours,seconds doin nothing,wth.
least at school can take my mind off things.
leave it behind,for 'later'..
if only smth good happened during th past 2 weeks+.
sigh,regretted uhh.
annoyed with th darn chi project.

really ain't no idea wth it want.
1 mre week till school reopens.
start gathering th mix feelings back.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Freaking tired cos of th reds.
effing frustrated.
mind just died on me.
can't believe i done a stupid thing becos of a stupid reason.
luckily no one saw,which is like a relief?
felt stupid,useless.
like so clingy/childish or smth,just sucks.
really don't understand what th hell i'm thinking.
argh.smth is seriously wrong with me.
humiliated myself big time.
effing shit!.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Last post before going off.
3rd week of th mth,time seriously files.
luckily almost finished th hwks.
left with bit and pieces of blanks.

and a project too.
depressing these days:/
all th stupid quarrels and mundane days.
or shld i say weeks?pffts.
forget it.
Sinae and Alex last episode on WGM,damn touching(:
even bake cookies+ gave photos for their fans during th fan meeting.
but,this was like in 2008? kinda outdated alr.
very nicee couple they made.hahas.
nothing much to update...shall end here.
crossed-fingers for me tht th upcoming days will get better.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

2nd week almost gone.
2 mre weeks to sch.
not looking forward to chalet.
training at beach?
seriously,what are they thinking may i ask?
quickly get it over and done with.

was viewing ppl blogs just now,one blog post really made me think hard.
about friendship.
it may have its ups and downs too,like life.
but sometimes it can just suddenly go haywired.
& take you by surprise.
& th next second you know,its gone,memories made tgt erase off frm tht person.
became strangers.
cool uh,how everything tht is build up with every effort and trust,
can be just crush like a piece of rubbish and in it goes into th dump.

while in some other cases it wear off slowly.
like you become a extra 'thing' in his/her life tht need to be get rid off.
i wonder why ppl sometimes could take things so lightly.
doesn't they know tht everyone has feelings too?not only them?
jeez,it just can get even worse sometimes.
like being used,need him/her when needed.Like troubles.
then you're of no mre use.
& in another case, th person is just go for this friends-for-benefits aim.
They are so-called fair-weather friends.
when they're like needed by their friend,is like they won't be there for their friend at all.
only there for th good things.

it really pisses me off.

Then there is also th sensitive side of friendships.
like envious,jealousy,quarrels, etc.
they kills alright.
sometimes its really hard to control,cos its like a reflex reaction or smth.
it can make or break it yea.a very fragile side i guess. really has it ways of making twist and turns.
feeling crappy of all things.

How can i make things better?
only questions and no answers found.
it changes everytime.
sickening shit.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

went to aunt's hse today.
lovee th interesting chair tht can be sit in many different ways.
th mural too,kinda artisitc?
dad just can't do it fer me):
oh well~
went T1 around th evening.
walk/shop and went home.
pretty boring posts nowadays,hahas.
anyway also,like finally completed playing WD.
1st time completed a game with 50 lvls.
great achievement for me,hahas(:

bought present with mum fer dad b'day cum father's day.
hope he like it,gonna surprise him on his day.
kinda guilty didn't gave mum her present,sigh.
prefer to handmade food or hands-on thing for her,
but unfortunately no idea how & dunno what she really likes.
didn't show me or whatever,but i know she love 'money' plants.
so will bear 'wealth'.Guess so.heh.
nth much to do online either.
went bloghopping,facebook and watch wgm.
kinda mundane uhh.
Hwk just doesn't seem to finish.
completed another math today,still left blanks though.
heh,long post for today yea,shall end now/.

Monday, June 08, 2009

really bored,so updating now.
went to Gran's hse ytd.
some funny things happened,made me burst into laughters.
hahas.enjoying th blog songs now.
addictive yea,heh.
saw ace-learning came 2 maths assignments.
sigh,still unable to complete th hols maths w/s yet and now came this.
total 5 maths assignments unfinished.
oh God.
keep slacking th whole time.
next week gonna be th chalet,speechless.
have a feeling won't enjoy it.
don't feel like going too,yet no reason to give.
unless 'friend' come visit last min,probably can reconsider again.
3days 2 nights~
Life is one big question mark tht i can't seem to figure it out.
less is more or more is less?

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Went to Hg Int to remake card.
damn,still needa make another trip next sat to get back refund-.-
shop/walk,nth caught my eye,though now is GSS~
almost a week of june pass yea.
3 mre weeks left...rotting away at home.
almost forgot today is KHJ B'Day:X
heh,saw sy post then remembered/know.
well,Happy Birthday to him yea(:
wanting mre shows tht have him ley.
look so cute,behaving like a kiddy.hahas.
don't mind me,just obsessing all over again.
shall end here now,toodles~

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Today kinda sucks.
Ez-link card just died on me,sigh.
needa make a trip to int to replace it.
wth,troublesome,waste time,$ to make a trip there.
anyway,went compass with mum, tried the Jia Xiang Mian.
ok-ok i guess,not really tempting at all.
walk/shop around,went home.
Hwk completed around 2 or 3?
kinda satisfied with it.heh.
recently watching WGM,HyunJoong and HwangBo look nicee tgt.
hahas,too bad their show ended at ep 38 i think,sigh.
looking for blogskin too,no avail though.
ah well~
What comes around really goes around.

Monday, June 01, 2009

1st of June...
how time flies,always th same old thing yea?
came a bunch of Hwk,
CCA compulsory chalet.
what next?
Came to realise tht things ppl said,
really want to believe it yet,
you know tht there wasn't a 'Forever' to begin with.
nothing to do,think about stuffs again.
running through past flashbacks,
thinking of th worse case scenario tht could ever happen.
getting depressed and worry all over again.
know this will always just come back whenever I feel really alone.
though ppl are just beside me,surrounding me.
th heart is just not there anymore.
letting go is like harder than catching/getting it.
aimlessly walking on air,a journey tht never seems to have a finish line.
what to hold on?what to grasp tht lil hope for?
knowing tht its just empty,meaningless.
working so hard just to prove one self.
really sometimes do wonder if its worthy.
Life really is smth tht makes one think a lot.
Just one word,so many meanings...
i really do wonder what i'm working so hard for.
ppl say it's for future,career,society.
plain shit.
just what really is th whole thing behind this?.
disappear to thin air would be better.
be th person to view it than be it.
hold on to nothingness.
it's alr broken inside.
finding hard to go on with worries.
seriously sick of everything.
why couldn't i just leave everything behind?