Monday, June 01, 2009

1st of June...
how time flies,always th same old thing yea?
came a bunch of Hwk,
CCA compulsory chalet.
what next?
Came to realise tht things ppl said,
really want to believe it yet,
you know tht there wasn't a 'Forever' to begin with.
nothing to do,think about stuffs again.
running through past flashbacks,
thinking of th worse case scenario tht could ever happen.
getting depressed and worry all over again.
know this will always just come back whenever I feel really alone.
though ppl are just beside me,surrounding me.
th heart is just not there anymore.
letting go is like harder than catching/getting it.
aimlessly walking on air,a journey tht never seems to have a finish line.
what to hold on?what to grasp tht lil hope for?
knowing tht its just empty,meaningless.
working so hard just to prove one self.
really sometimes do wonder if its worthy.
Life really is smth tht makes one think a lot.
Just one word,so many meanings...
i really do wonder what i'm working so hard for.
ppl say it's for future,career,society.
plain shit.
just what really is th whole thing behind this?.
disappear to thin air would be better.
be th person to view it than be it.
hold on to nothingness.
it's alr broken inside.
finding hard to go on with worries.
seriously sick of everything.
why couldn't i just leave everything behind?

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