Saturday, June 13, 2009

2nd week almost gone.
2 mre weeks to sch.
not looking forward to chalet.
training at beach?
seriously,what are they thinking may i ask?
quickly get it over and done with.

was viewing ppl blogs just now,one blog post really made me think hard.
about friendship.
it may have its ups and downs too,like life.
but sometimes it can just suddenly go haywired.
& take you by surprise.
& th next second you know,its gone,memories made tgt erase off frm tht person.
became strangers.
cool uh,how everything tht is build up with every effort and trust,
can be just crush like a piece of rubbish and in it goes into th dump.

while in some other cases it wear off slowly.
like you become a extra 'thing' in his/her life tht need to be get rid off.
i wonder why ppl sometimes could take things so lightly.
doesn't they know tht everyone has feelings too?not only them?
jeez,it just can get even worse sometimes.
like being used,need him/her when needed.Like troubles.
then you're of no mre use.
& in another case, th person is just go for this friends-for-benefits aim.
They are so-called fair-weather friends.
when they're like needed by their friend,is like they won't be there for their friend at all.
only there for th good things.

it really pisses me off.

Then there is also th sensitive side of friendships.
like envious,jealousy,quarrels, etc.
they kills alright.
sometimes its really hard to control,cos its like a reflex reaction or smth.
it can make or break it yea.a very fragile side i guess. really has it ways of making twist and turns.
feeling crappy of all things.

How can i make things better?
only questions and no answers found.
it changes everytime.
sickening shit.

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