Monday, June 08, 2009

really bored,so updating now.
went to Gran's hse ytd.
some funny things happened,made me burst into laughters.
hahas.enjoying th blog songs now.
addictive yea,heh.
saw ace-learning came 2 maths assignments.
sigh,still unable to complete th hols maths w/s yet and now came this.
total 5 maths assignments unfinished.
oh God.
keep slacking th whole time.
next week gonna be th chalet,speechless.
have a feeling won't enjoy it.
don't feel like going too,yet no reason to give.
unless 'friend' come visit last min,probably can reconsider again.
3days 2 nights~
Life is one big question mark tht i can't seem to figure it out.
less is more or more is less?

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