Thursday, June 25, 2009

Can th day get any worse?
printer just died on me ytd while i was half printing of project.
wth.& th printer's ink is like made gold-.-
sudden surprise for me ytd too,lovee th toy[L]/.
home is like a shit.
quarrels and mre quarrels.
jeez,don't they even spare a thought for me?
am i invisible or smth?
why can't they just get along?
always would make a mountain out of a molehill.
sigh,hols is ending soon...

watched finished WGM,it was touching between HB & HJ.
really admire HB character.
she's cool,a person who is willing to help ppl,
great cook and esp th fact tht she can be herself in front of everyone.
she didn't care bout ppl as long she had fun...
doesn't matter if she fell and do crazy stunts.
cos ppl will be laughing with her not at her.
really like her attitude towards her life.
wish i could be mre like her...
boy,does this line sounds familiar.
anyway,get caught up in TYFWUU/TYFRMU with th SS501 in it.
damn funny!Addictive yea(:

damn f 'ed up with life.
just feel like falling into a hole never to be found.

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