Thursday, March 06, 2014



Well 27 February marked the last paper for my final semester of school, which technically meant  I have completed my course of study in poly. 3 years just gone like that. o.O

I think I'm gonna miss the time spent rushing for projects and assignments with team mates and with friends as much as I dislike doing it hahas. Now is coming to an end of my first week of holiday, there's still so much I wanna do but the thing is once you sacrifice the time to meet priorities, the leftover are like for sleep and short break time. This time I really hope I put my time and youth to good use instead of slacking away and being lazy. Jiayou Peggy, I hope you get through it with little bumps ahead.

Avril Lavigne live in Singapore after so many years, my first childhood(which I meant during primary school) idol,  it's finally my time to catch her in real flesh. Songs were nostalgic and playful, had a lot of fun singing through it and enjoying the atmosphere. Even though she's just a tiny person from where I'm sitting, it was still a special moment shared, hehes. Another good memory made for this year! :')

After our last paper, celebrate over a lunch with my girls and a mini surprise for the birthday girl, seeing/making people happy makes me feel happy too! (;

K-box with bestie a few days later, disappointed they changed the bento set meal to these already:/ Still taste good though heh heh.

Won free passes to watch Vampire Academy, since reviews were quite bad really did not have much expectations for it but after watching seemed rather all right, hahas other that the plot moving too fast and a few unsuitable actors/actresses, still can pass la. Still prefer books over having it made into movies.

Managed to catch up on the TV shows since I'm staying at home most of the time, this type of life I could get used to it...but burden of money always put me right back to reality. Gotta start working hard for money now. pfft.

Few days left before the next chapter begins. Ah wish me luck! >.<