Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last day of 2009.Time really files!think i said it a lot of times in blog.heh.
ytd went window shopping with mommy,313 & Orchard Central again.saw one guy...

Counting down to 2010 at home.Tho not really looking forward to th new year but its inevitable.So why not make th best of it?Hope its gonna be a better yr.

2009 had been a good year i guess,new class,new subs,new chers,new friends.Think i didn't changed much,but still kinda like a pain-in-th-ass person.oh well.Struggling hard for studies and cca,problems,troubles.gahs,all is over for this yr.

Hoping next yr would get better,complain less,word harder more.Last lap before another new track of life start again.hope to make th best out of everything.okay,kinda impossible but try uh.
ending here!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Nothing much.
Sun-Celebrated Grandma B'day.Had a feast,not very much to my liking tho.
Mon-went to make new spec,wanted frame tht is thicker but ex(?) i think,settled fer another,hope it looked better than my current one.eyes degree increased too,sian. Then haircut next,like th salon lady,friendly!thumbs up!(:
Today-went fer a study session with KH.had a good time,luckily could complete some of th hwks.heh.

was reading like th 3rd book of a series there's like words/scribbles here and there on 20 pages!Freaking can't read th words at all,so pissed off with's like you dislike th book why not just return it and stop reading?!book does not freaking belong to you,damn no right to do it at all!just plain lameshit.other ppl still want to read it too.Mind you respect th author,its her story to write not yours.$%^&*(!Hate this type of ppl.just weird and wasting your time.

okay,kinda wasted my time sidetracking but really is just pissed me off.sorry fer th rants.shall end here.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone!^^

Spent eve tgt with HSKY(:went to 313 and orchard central.
walked till everyone was tired,awesome roof garden too.had a fun time with them.
today spent it with family.went to Hg Mall,treat Mum&Dad to Ajisen.
damn bloated,tho over budget but still had a good time eating,heh.
then went to gran's hse to see th wedding photos and video.
seriously i looked ugly ttm.oh well~reached home at 10 plus.
left 1 mre week before sch reopens.need find motivation to study asap.

Lead Casts of VampireDiaries,awesome ttm! who look hottter?Stefan(right) or Damon(left)?Heh.Elena is damn pretty,lovee those eyes!(:Can't wait for th next episode<3

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hello!Ytd went out with SKY.first time doing a Xmas potluck & with them too.
Was a success & had a great time with them.Lovee th presents!Thanks girls!;D
Went on board a ship called Doulos.Not actually moving but still fun.heh.
walked,chatted saw Mdm Lim also,hahas.Coincidence much?(:

Finally watched finished Vampire Diaries!Awesome ttm!;D
next episode needa wait till Jan so looooooong!Sigh.
Oh well~Must have patience cos patience is a virtue(:
Watched movies online too,long ago movies damn nicee too!
Okay,shall end hereeeee!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Hi!Back from M'sia,went to kukup.
stayed at a so-called resort which is built on poles(?).
high tide we'll be like above th sea and low tide we're actually on a muddy/sandy land.
had a good time there,ppl life are so worries all tht,kinda envy uh.
sat on boat and saw many unusual things tht we don't see in SG.
we can even put out fireworks,damn beautiful.
ate a lot of seafood,good stuffs(:
th ppl are sort of friendly too,serve us with a lot of food,heh.
bought many things too,happy happy!
even saw a wild ox in th wild,uber cool.
saw diff types of fishes too.
last min shopping too before coming back.
overall its a good trip,enjoying th peacefulness and breeze tht never seems to die out.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Going m'sia tmr for a short while with family.
hopefully history will not repeat again...all goes well or smth.
have not pack finished yet too.heh.
hope could buy some stuffs there.
been watching vampire diairies recently and some movies online.
pretty much awesome((:
chipmunks are like so cuteee!
hope could watch th 2nd one which is releasing on xmas eve.
2 mre weeks left and sch reopens again.
have to get studying th last week.
next yr really had to give it all and focused on studies,studies and mre studies.
10mths+(?) of hard work and freedom frm sch is over.
just have to get through 10mths+.
okay shall end here!update when i'm back~

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sorry for th lack of updates.
was sick for few days & so nth to blog about.heh.
okay,ytd met up with S.
freaking long since i saw her,misses her lots.
went bugis and clarke quay.
bought happy pills and ...

chatted,laughed and camwhored,good times!
Overall had a fun and awesome day with her!<3>

sorry also lazy to elaborate..heh.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Am sick yet again.sigh.
cca ytd,was alr feeling uncomfortable but hold on till its over.
luckily didn't do much things.
skip today to see doc.
damn many ppl are falling sick.
so everyone shld take care of their health.
feeling dizzy and cough like hell.
hope could get better soon.
had slept for damn long ytd.
which resulted at night can't sleep-.-
so today gonna hold till its my bedtime(:
hwks still hav not touch it yet.
so many things to do..and left only 3 weeks.
shall end here...

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Can't get enough of New Moon & th whole saga:>
Mon went to watch it with B.had a great time with her.
damn funny when we were taking silly photos.
i looked mad retarded,heh:X
both Robert & Taylor are sooooo handsome+cute+drop-dead gorgeous!!
Ashley is like soooo beautiful!OMG,even more gorgeous:DDD
lovee their golden lens,looked so pretty.
hope could catch eclipse next June hols time...

funny right?lols.

today went out with mre ppl but 2 have to leave so soon):
oh well,bought my wallet and pencil case((:
but officially am broke.sigh.
gotta work to earn some money.
took neoprints too,kinda wasted money on tht.
hope B is feeling better,rest well ok!

Sunday, December 06, 2009


okay,here to update again,but with photos,heh.
fri there was a class outing,but not exactly a class cos some ppl were not present.
met up with SKY through bus and off to t3.
went to Popeye to eat lunch(above photo),Mdm Lim treat,Thank You!((:
was quite okay,but can't eat finished,too bloated:X
felt kinda guilty...
anyway then B and i walked around t3 and back to Popeye again.
took photos with th rest of th class with Mdm Lim.
walk around again but with more ppl to th departure hall.
saw some aeroplanes and a couple taking wedding photos i think.
both look cute tgt,hahas.
reached home around 7 plus.
had a great time with th ppl!(:
a humongous red ball at th hall tht opens up.find it interesting.
ytd went to work with B,tiring but kinda fun.
earn a lil bit of money,hope could get better at it(:
and finally got to change my phone to a better one.
th one i wanted,love my Daddy to th max!<333
spend quite late in th phone shop,heh.
th guy serving us was also damn friendly(:
gonna be busy th next few days with outing,cca and work.
still delaying my hwk,sigh.
have to try do it ASAP!!
shall end here!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


firstly,sorry to th ppl,can't make it today!
was out with dearest mommy to amk hub to watched 2012.

Seriously,from th beginning till end,can't tear my eyes off th screen.
utterly abso-freaking-lutely nicee!
lovee to th max man!<333
seems damn real with all th citys/countries all fall into th earth.
ppl's lives lost and sacrifices were made to saved loved ones/everyone.
unbelievable touching:D
really made me want to cherish everything i've now.
cos no one know what will happened in th future.
better to cherish and love your loved ones even more now.
seriously,worthy of every cent spent on this movie.
tho there's a lil flaw here there, overall is definitely 200% worthy(:
kinda late to watched since it had been airing for a long time.
think today last day they airing for this movie:X
gonna re watched it again anyhoo.
up next will be New Moon!woots!
now tht's smth tht everyone(fans of th saga) is alr talking about!!(:
can't wait!:DDD

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

new mth,new day,another brand new start.
gotten flu now.
there's always a pattern when i fell sick.
sore throat->cough->flu.
after all this then i could recover.
sigh,all come in one package.
hope could get better tmr,then could go out with mummy.
been play sorority life in fb and twitter.
seeing JB's tweets made me wanna sign up for twitter.
lols,influence much?
very few followers,probably my tweets are boring.
hope could drive some ppl to click on nuffnang.
seriously in need of moolah):
can't spend on clothes nor movies.
pathetic like hell.
finally get started in my hwk.
done 2 things on my to-do lists.
motivation had came back to me.yay.
okay,shall end here.
no wait,one last thing.
i think Robert patt look hot in this photo.