Tuesday, December 01, 2009

new mth,new day,another brand new start.
gotten flu now.
there's always a pattern when i fell sick.
sore throat->cough->flu.
after all this then i could recover.
sigh,all come in one package.
hope could get better tmr,then could go out with mummy.
been play sorority life in fb and twitter.
seeing JB's tweets made me wanna sign up for twitter.
lols,influence much?
very few followers,probably my tweets are boring.
hope could drive some ppl to click on nuffnang.
seriously in need of moolah):
can't spend on clothes nor movies.
pathetic like hell.
finally get started in my hwk.
done 2 things on my to-do lists.
motivation had came back to me.yay.
okay,shall end here.
no wait,one last thing.
i think Robert patt look hot in this photo.

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