Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Can't get enough of New Moon & th whole saga:>
Mon went to watch it with B.had a great time with her.
damn funny when we were taking silly photos.
i looked mad retarded,heh:X
both Robert & Taylor are sooooo handsome+cute+drop-dead gorgeous!!
Ashley is like soooo beautiful!OMG,even more gorgeous:DDD
lovee their golden lens,looked so pretty.
hope could catch eclipse next June hols time...

funny right?lols.

today went out with mre ppl but 2 have to leave so soon):
oh well,bought my wallet and pencil case((:
but officially am broke.sigh.
gotta work to earn some money.
took neoprints too,kinda wasted money on tht.
hope B is feeling better,rest well ok!

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