Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Nothing much.
Sun-Celebrated Grandma B'day.Had a feast,not very much to my liking tho.
Mon-went to make new spec,wanted frame tht is thicker but ex(?) i think,settled fer another,hope it looked better than my current one.eyes degree increased too,sian. Then haircut next,like th salon lady,friendly!thumbs up!(:
Today-went fer a study session with KH.had a good time,luckily could complete some of th hwks.heh.

was reading like th 3rd book of a series there's like words/scribbles here and there on 20 pages!Freaking can't read th words at all,so pissed off with it.it's like you dislike th book why not just return it and stop reading?!book does not freaking belong to you,damn no right to do it at all!just plain lameshit.other ppl still want to read it too.Mind you respect th author,its her story to write not yours.$%^&*(!Hate this type of ppl.just weird and wasting your time.

okay,kinda wasted my time sidetracking but really is just pissed me off.sorry fer th rants.shall end here.

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