Friday, April 29, 2011

Begin Again

Ain't the doggy cute?Now seem to be a trend of owning small and furry puppy for some people who are able to,next time for me maybe?Look at its chubby cheeks,cuteness meltdown,hahas.

So,first week of school started and ended for me.Subjects are quite okay i guess,just that most of the lecturers kept rushing us about projects,tests,exams and deadlines of assignments.Headache!Must treat this semester seriously too cos will needa choose the course I wanna major in...competition is stiff.Really don't like the presentation parts though,will need practice,talking to myself facing a mirror.Sigh.

Ah yes,contact lens ordered came,am wearing it occasionally.Still need practice of putting it in and taking it out.Would love to try colour contacts though,hehe.

Gotten a call from agency asking if I'm still looking for job,rejected it straight away,stupid right?I'm always rushing into things...else could have ask if jobs that are of flexible hours are available or not so i would have money to spend.Wasted.

Hmm,that's all for now,not much updates since school has started.Definitely need to work hard...especially English.Gonna dig out my sec 4 notes to revise the the rules for grammar and whatnots again.Tedious,but no choice.Heh,bye all!(:

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ready Or Not.

Well,guess what?School is finally starting soon,after 5months+ of break.Everything seems to pass so quickly,especially those happy times.

Orientation,thank God it was only 2 days.Kinda boring,not as fun as FOW but really happy business school won the 7th time consecutively for 7yrs now,woohoo!:) 8th time please!!Hehe.

Timetable for my class/year seem kinda slack,lol but when the workload and cca come,really doubt it will be as easy as it seems.Really must study well this time round and hopefully have an outstanding/nice record for future employer to see,heh.Jiayou AH!

I'm feeling excited,nervous,jittery,neutral,sad,numb,empty for school on Monday and for the next 3 years to come.Sigh.Go with the flow for now,hope all will be better soon...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dose Of High.

Back from FOW!!Though sort of felt dread during the first 2 days,last day was the most awesome spent with all the people.Really lucky I made a right choice eventually.

It was really awkward at first and gotten separated with YX.Played those ice breakers games,lots of cheering and running and screaming,water activites were Great!!:D Really like the TP Mass Dance and the hand sign song,soooo funny and meaningful respectively.Hehe~

The GLs that took our group were damn high too,all GLs were actually and very welcoming.They really had done a wonderful job taking care of us and whatnots.Thanks so much GLs!x3

Went back again yesterday to see them performed,ended late but still it was nice to soak in the whole excitement again,did made a video but the sounds,images are of poor quality, but its better than nothing right?heh.

Bought a notebook,finally too.Gosh,really fanstatic!Think I'm all set for school now,only need to sort out those mix feelings which just doesn't seem to go away.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

High Stake,

Busy busy week!Monday,went out to collect some stuffs,watched The Sanctum,finally the first NC16 show watched after 1yr+ of lag time.Lol.Lots of gory scenes,really do not like to see dead people floating on/in the water with their eyes wide open.Even writing this i'm getting flashabacks of those images,shivers.Anyway,Thanks many YX!(:

Oh ya,Justin Bieber movie coming soon!Disappointed didn't win the preview tickets:'( He,personally also coming soon to SG!Sadly no tickets to see him too,ugh.Hope could still see his arrival here through photos and videos.Sigh.

Wed,had lunch at Empire State,really good food and service.

Off to Iluma K Suite,cos wanna try smth new.Room was really cosy and small,even provide blankets and a computer to access internet.Really good service too.However,all came with a price.Really expensive,and minimum each of us had to order at least something.Like seriously,what kind of policy is that?Everyone was so upset by this,the whole mood was spoiled.Can you beileve it,mineral water cost $10,fries/enoki cos $9???

Gosh,once is enough,unless my money is like unlimited,i would go again.Apologies to all the girls:/ Took neoprints and back home we went.

Sat,went to borrow books and bought some DIY stuffs for my photo ablum,hehes.Can't wait to get started for that:>

Today,went temple awhile and to my niece's(i think) birthday party.Nothing much to do but had a bit of laugh over some stuffs.Heh.

Gonna go for TP's orientation for the next 3 days,hope it will be fun.Just hope there won't be any heights or water activities,but kinda inevitable?Almost all camps also have-.-

That's all!^^

Friday, April 01, 2011


So,last Sunday met up with these girls for lunch and to give Hel & YX their B'day presents,hope they like it,hee.

Went to City Square Mall,ate at Manhattan Fish Market,food was okay,then went snapping pictures after that,place was damn quiet,so took a lot and really had an awesome time with them:D

Chatted,laughed,jumped,walked...hope there will still be a next time for all of us to meet again,really enjoyed their company!Thanks a lot!XOXO

Since it was my last day of work in the office yesterday,farewell/welcoming dinner was held at La Strada restaurant by the bosses,food was okay too,kinda regret choosing that place,but ambience's was nice.Had a good evening with them.Desserts at another restaurant,LOL.Kinda start to miss them already,weird huh?Anyway just really thankful that I've met good bosses for this period of time,sigh,good times:') (Photos credited to:Esther)

Today went to collect O's Cert and testimonial,kinda learnt a surprised news from...Really should wish them luck,hopefully our school will really breakthrough.Heh.

Never know searching for a notebook/laptop can be such a chore,so many choices to choose from,what to do??:(

On the bright side,this week is gonna be packed with outings again,yayness!^^ soooooo looking forward to spending time with the girls again,hehe.

It's funny how sometimes you wished for smth to happen but to regret it later and then started to have feelings,like happiness,contentment and the sense that everything is gonna work out fine and finally the feeling of nostalgia after everything ended.