Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ready Or Not.

Well,guess what?School is finally starting soon,after 5months+ of break.Everything seems to pass so quickly,especially those happy times.

Orientation,thank God it was only 2 days.Kinda boring,not as fun as FOW but really happy business school won the 7th time consecutively for 7yrs now,woohoo!:) 8th time please!!Hehe.

Timetable for my class/year seem kinda slack,lol but when the workload and cca come,really doubt it will be as easy as it seems.Really must study well this time round and hopefully have an outstanding/nice record for future employer to see,heh.Jiayou AH!

I'm feeling excited,nervous,jittery,neutral,sad,numb,empty for school on Monday and for the next 3 years to come.Sigh.Go with the flow for now,hope all will be better soon...

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