Friday, April 29, 2011

Begin Again

Ain't the doggy cute?Now seem to be a trend of owning small and furry puppy for some people who are able to,next time for me maybe?Look at its chubby cheeks,cuteness meltdown,hahas.

So,first week of school started and ended for me.Subjects are quite okay i guess,just that most of the lecturers kept rushing us about projects,tests,exams and deadlines of assignments.Headache!Must treat this semester seriously too cos will needa choose the course I wanna major in...competition is stiff.Really don't like the presentation parts though,will need practice,talking to myself facing a mirror.Sigh.

Ah yes,contact lens ordered came,am wearing it occasionally.Still need practice of putting it in and taking it out.Would love to try colour contacts though,hehe.

Gotten a call from agency asking if I'm still looking for job,rejected it straight away,stupid right?I'm always rushing into things...else could have ask if jobs that are of flexible hours are available or not so i would have money to spend.Wasted.

Hmm,that's all for now,not much updates since school has started.Definitely need to work hard...especially English.Gonna dig out my sec 4 notes to revise the the rules for grammar and whatnots again.Tedious,but no choice.Heh,bye all!(:

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