Sunday, May 08, 2011

Tick Tock Tick Tock

Things at school are starting to warm up,picking up pace.Which means I'll have to get prepared for loads of assignments/projects coming my way.Will continue my weekly updates unless nothing eventful happen or I've got no time on my hands.Heh.

Getting sort of frustrated with some subjects cos during school lec/tut I thought I understand what the lecturers are talking about but when I started to do my homework,stunned for quite awhile before I get what the question is talking about.Gah,shall try to come up with questions to ask them.I'm a slow learner seriously.

Election results yesterday,caught it with dad till 1am+, dead tired.Felt kinda sad for Mr George Yeo,know him through the Internet and saw the news how they "fight" with the worker's party for Ajunied(sp?).Impression of him is kinda good,humble and honest man.Sigh,hope he will be alright.

This was taken quite long ago,gotten most of my CG polishes,was happy with them,hehe,just wanna share with you my current love for nail polish(:

Recently also gotten 2 samples,have not try them out yet,will do it soon,one to protect my skin from those sun rays since I'll be under the sun quite a lot and another to just experiment with it,heh since its free, no harm trying(:

Alright,that's all for now,coming week would be pack with many things to do again.Time is way too short now,still have to wake up early for tomorrow,sigh.


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