Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pretty Much.

June's coming in 2days time.
Mid-sem tests in the 2nd week.

Short break after that.

Back to the rush pace of life again.

Deadlines to get through.

Heavy workload.

Could life get any better?

Anyway, I just realised without wearing my spectacle I looked just like my mum not dad already.Hmm...heh.

Went to order new contact lens too,with colour this time,hope would get it soon and try it on,so excited for that,hee(:

Guess not really much to update,everyday the same routine.I'm finding meaningless again.

On the bright side,watched Justin Bieber movie,it's really inspirational,just have to wait for that moment to come and luck.Waiting for Vampire Diaries S3 and Pretty Little Liars S2 this coming June,yay.

Gonna start working on my subjects soon,hoping to get good grades!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy Pills

Last week was really packed with lots of activities and homework and project.So,this is gonna be a long update over the past week.If you're bored with nothing to do, do read!Heh.

Last Tue,I was over the top when i received the email that I won a pair of movie preview tickets to watch Beastly!Really was OMG,1st time happening!!Can't contained my excitement for it!Asked YX along to watch with me since both of us like this type of genre movie.Literally rush to Shaw House after school,Thank God we made it like 25mins before it starts.Happy max!

Alex Pettyfer is really hot, one of the Olsen twins as the witch(couldn't remember who is it) really pretty,love her BIG eyes.Love the movie!:D

After that went to play around cos there's like posters everywhere,each of us tried to pose like them and seriously failed for mine,YX did better:p
I'm embarrassed of mine:S

Next is went out with YX and SY to buy Kelly's birthday present and organized a small celebration for her.It was fun meeting them again and plan out the surprise,hehe.Thanks girls for the awesome day!:)

Finally there came Kelly's surprise on Sat at Marina Barrage.SY and I lost our way getting there first to prepare for her arrival.Had a great time doing up all the stuff though(:

Saw so many people flying kites there really make me wish I could fly it someday too.really long,years,didn't get to fly a kite...Seeing it fly so high comforts me somehow.

Anyway,Kelly was surprised when she reached,sort of picnic there,played games and water, took over 100plus photos.Felt so happy to see all of them again:') I'm glad everyone enjoyed it,let's do this again, ok girls?Hee.

Starting to feel the rush of poly life,things are speeding up fast,mustn't lag behind!
Class tests starts next week,hopefully would do well for them.

Night Night!

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Tick Tock Tick Tock

Things at school are starting to warm up,picking up pace.Which means I'll have to get prepared for loads of assignments/projects coming my way.Will continue my weekly updates unless nothing eventful happen or I've got no time on my hands.Heh.

Getting sort of frustrated with some subjects cos during school lec/tut I thought I understand what the lecturers are talking about but when I started to do my homework,stunned for quite awhile before I get what the question is talking about.Gah,shall try to come up with questions to ask them.I'm a slow learner seriously.

Election results yesterday,caught it with dad till 1am+, dead tired.Felt kinda sad for Mr George Yeo,know him through the Internet and saw the news how they "fight" with the worker's party for Ajunied(sp?).Impression of him is kinda good,humble and honest man.Sigh,hope he will be alright.

This was taken quite long ago,gotten most of my CG polishes,was happy with them,hehe,just wanna share with you my current love for nail polish(:

Recently also gotten 2 samples,have not try them out yet,will do it soon,one to protect my skin from those sun rays since I'll be under the sun quite a lot and another to just experiment with it,heh since its free, no harm trying(:

Alright,that's all for now,coming week would be pack with many things to do again.Time is way too short now,still have to wake up early for tomorrow,sigh.