Saturday, May 25, 2013


It always feels like months had passed when I didn't blog. I have 1 more week to go before MST (Why isn't the schedule out yet??) and can finally look forward to the 2 weeks break!WOOO~

Could feel that being a year 3 is definitely more busy, I can't imagine how it would be like if I could go university to study...

Since I needed to do a field trip for my SIT assignment, decided to try Saizeriya Restaurant cos everything was super affordable!^^

Ordered a set meal which came with a salad and free flow of drinks! Really can just choose whatever drinks you want and there's even hot tea and coffee! Another plus is no service charge! had a nice experience there, would go again to try their other food, nomnomnom.
 Portion was really big, very full after eating it, hahas.
However, mum ordered this baked rice which is not really nice cos too much  cheese and the smell and taste is a bit too overwhelming.

YX's idea to do an impromptu birthday surprise for Kel, which was a success cos she never figured out, hehes!^^

Photos credited to YX!

Later that weekend we met up with the rest to have lunch and dinner. Lunch at Teppanyaki shop, we all ordered the same but different flavoured teppan. After eating a while would get sick of it, plus inside is noodles, though it was rice which may had been better. Guess its better to share:/

Its been long since all 8 were present to hang out, its nice in a way and so glad we met and talked and share  stuff! Hehes^^ Can't wait to see them all again!

Photos credited to YX!

Times like this, meeting with friends makes the school weeks easier to get through(:

Seeing all the graduates photos also makes me wanna graduate soon, kinda tired with all the school work but then don't really look forward to starting work either. The fact that asking most of my friends what their plans are for the future, all could find something they want to achieve. Getting cold feet and worried what I am supposed to do next :S So fickle-minded and there's literally nothing I like, if not can't do. Sigh. Anyone been in this position before? :(

I can never find something that will please me long. I should just focus on surviving this tough semester and then its may get better perhaps?

Another update soon!

Sunday, May 05, 2013


So ever since school starts, I have been busy juggling the schoolwork with family and social life. Just happy that Labour Day I got to spend time with family at Changi City Point, which by the way had massive sales going on at almost all the stores I visited or glanced at. Bought many things cos rally couldn't resist and its really one of the rare time all of us are happy and all which felt really good and nice. Wished there are more times like this. Thankful again for having them as parents:')

Then finally a short outing with my year 2-3 friends to S.E.A Aquarium, first time visiting as usual, it was a cool experience, like being taken to another world and all those fishes and sea animals swimming pass,hahas. Luckily not really a crowd cos we went on a weekday and we got to touch the starfishes, sea cucumber and shark's egg!^^

I've got fishes swimming below me~
The shark's eggs, which is really fascinating cos could see the embryo inside, swimming!

A smiling stingray~
Dolphins, which were extremely hard to capture as they don't swim our way and they swim fast.
Some 8-legged crabs.
Graceful jellyfishes, all looked so pretty!

A gigantic tank with tons of different fishes, from big to small.
A huge fish I saw, like 2-3m long?

Had a fun time there with the girls, hehes hope there will be more outings as well!(: