Sunday, May 05, 2013


So ever since school starts, I have been busy juggling the schoolwork with family and social life. Just happy that Labour Day I got to spend time with family at Changi City Point, which by the way had massive sales going on at almost all the stores I visited or glanced at. Bought many things cos rally couldn't resist and its really one of the rare time all of us are happy and all which felt really good and nice. Wished there are more times like this. Thankful again for having them as parents:')

Then finally a short outing with my year 2-3 friends to S.E.A Aquarium, first time visiting as usual, it was a cool experience, like being taken to another world and all those fishes and sea animals swimming pass,hahas. Luckily not really a crowd cos we went on a weekday and we got to touch the starfishes, sea cucumber and shark's egg!^^

I've got fishes swimming below me~
The shark's eggs, which is really fascinating cos could see the embryo inside, swimming!

A smiling stingray~
Dolphins, which were extremely hard to capture as they don't swim our way and they swim fast.
Some 8-legged crabs.
Graceful jellyfishes, all looked so pretty!

A gigantic tank with tons of different fishes, from big to small.
A huge fish I saw, like 2-3m long?

Had a fun time there with the girls, hehes hope there will be more outings as well!(:

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