Friday, December 31, 2010

Bye to 2010,Hi to 2011.

Last day of job and year!
Job: Kinda will miss the aunties/uncle whom i get along with very well,really must thank them for helping me with the stuffs and giving me some treats,maybe will visit them some time,heh(:
Boss still gave a box of chocolates today too,look delicious.Way too long since i ate a chocolate.About months ago.Picture of it tmr.
Will never do this type of job again too,once is enough.

2010:Ah,where to start?It has been a good year,with school events like funfair,all the celebrations,'O' level,prom,outings.All the sweet/sour/bitter/spicy memories.Haha.Lazy to recap everything,shall do it in the future if i'm really bored.

Next week would be fun,fun and more fun.Outing with friends/family,getting my bursary,
visiting polys etc.Oh, and results day,sigh.Really hope could get good grades...
Then after that back to work!

Countdown either at home or sengkang.Wanna watch fireworks lei.At home don't really have the mood.Heh.

Changing URL tmr.Catch the new appearance!(see twitter if you wanna know the new url)
Please let 2011 be better!(:

Monday, December 27, 2010

This and That.

Finally,work's ending in 4 days!(:
But also year 2010:(
In denial.

Didn't spent my Christmas well,working for the holiday.Double pay some more so maybe still alright.Just hope money will be bank in soon in exact amount.Hope i won't get cheated:/ won't right?Don't think too much.Thanks many to friends for the X'mas cards though,hee.

Sudden blackout at the store too,thought would need like 1 hour for power to get back on and slack but less than a minute later,power's back-.-

Will post more photos when I've my break next year Jan.Gonna go shopping for new year stuff,hanging out with friends and all the fun,can't wait!(:

Just nervous about THE day.Don't wanna go see it.

Update soon!Enjoy your last few days of 2010!(Not like me,working my ass off.ugh.)

Friday, December 17, 2010

What Did I Do?

Hello again.My life has been really mundane,even more now. Can't be as happy as the kids above, already in mood for Christmas.
Everyday routine:work>home>sleep>work>home>sleep...
You get the idea,and from what I've learnt these few days:
1.I rather stay at home and rot now.
2.Studying is REALLY better than working.(even co-workers said so,didn't believe at first,heh)
3.Mind your own business.
4.Every job got its difficulties/complications b/w all the workers/company itself.
5.Gossips and whatnot.
6.Either you get a bunch of 'friends' or none(on your own).
After this is done,another whole cycle again but tougher cos its everyday for 12hours.Okay really regret now.
1.No time with family&friends/myself.
2.Check out the open houses in Polys in 2011.
3.Money earned will come late.UGH.
4.Lack of sleep=tired everyday.
5.Still wasting time anyway;waiting time etc.
6.No life at all.
7.No freaking time to buy clothes for new year.(don't care,gonna find time!!)
8.Everyday revolve around money.No,should be since the day we're born money is a NEED already.
9.Hadn't accomplish goals set for myself.
10.Ending the year with gloom/blues.
Really hate this,dunno what i get myself into.Must always experience them then I'll start to regret,seriously.

14days till the end of work and year.Gonna change URL and blogskin again and new resolutions.Readers are close to none.Not interesting enough,no pictures,no life yes?
I'm really dreading everyday,the sick feeling in the stomach.I'm reluctant.Feel like lying on the bed and never wake up,hoping everything is a dream.Guess not uh?

Getting carried away,forget it,ending here!Goodbye!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Who Knew.

Found this video,sort of interesting?Didn't really mention all the games that a lot of countries took part.Still,got my Justin.Heh;)

Anyway,started work,kinda stress and definitely tiring,Luckily no familiar faces at all.Fun in a way too cos can interact with people,mostly Caucasians.God,some of them are either pretty or handsome,hehe.Made some acquaintance too,still can't wait for this job to end,lonely in a way too.Getting flustered about stuffs and making a fool out of myself.Ugh.

Gonna be another busy day tmr,wish time pass faster now,though i really do not want to think about what January brings.*Shudders*

ah well~Byebye!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Well,what do ya know...

Had been sort of busy for the past few days.Sudden call from the Forte Employment to go for job interview,sent resumes online forgotten if they were one of them or not.Who knows?Anyway,kinda shocked and happy cos finally found a job after a loooooong time.Had to make a trip to there,gotten lost,asked many people for directions,kind souls!Thank you for helping!(:

In the end,make it a few minutes later and sorta gotten it,disappointed that its gonna be faraway from my home and working hours are really long.Felt accomplished though,a sense of satisfaction relying myself,hehe.Agent was really friendly too(:

Went for another interview today,kinda weird.Thank God got Helina.Heh,kinda funny also,see how it goes then.Hope it will be good/smooth.

Getting really nervous about tmr,gonna report to the person so can't be late.waking up at wee hours in the morning,please let it be alright,else all my efforts like wasted only.Wish me luck k!Would need lots of good luck!Luckily just short term too,phew.

Ending Here!

Monday, December 06, 2010

A&HF B'days Celebration!

Today was an awesome day spent with my 6 girlies,it's had been wayyyyyyy too long since we had a clique outing,this was just one of the best.I wonder if 5 years down the road would we still be the same?keeping a friendship(s) going strong is seriously no easy task.Some came and some gone.It will always be like this isn't it?

Anyway,"suprise" them,played games which was really fun and hilarious,and photos as keepsake.Hope everyone will always be as happy as today(:

Sidenote,I'm fat,hate my flabby,fatty legs.Argh.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong!!

(via Liezle)

Sorry,I'm still gaga over him,he has the cutest expressions seriously,hehe.I wanna meet him next year!Gonna save money first and then go see him.Really envied those who went on stage to take photograph with him)':

Anyway,life has been bland,went out with mommy bought few loots and job hunt failed again.Grandma's houses today,kinda bored and then the job waited for the past 6 days called and I've done the most stupid thing:I rejected it.Seriously!No idea what am i thinking,acted too impulsive and nervous.Now,its gone.I'm back to where I'm now. Sent some resumes online,no reply at all.Ugh,can it gets any worse?

Gonna go job hunting again tmr and celebrating best friends b'days(:At least smth to look forward to for now...

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong!

(via KHJ-Facebook)
(via ShanShan)

Purely filled with excitement now,KHJ finally reached SG,so happy!Looking at the videos on Youtube,really lots of fans waiting for him at the airport,of a range of ages.God, he really is charming.

Saw the press conference uploaded by SuperPrincess501, he is really gorgeous and the way he answer the some questions was funny too,hehe.Luckily will be seeing more of him when he debut his solo album next year,wheeeeeeeeeeeee!This means still have chance to meet him(:

Today at Tampines was swarm with many people too,hardly any place to walk.Tomorrow fanmeeting only limited to 120 people and his departure too,lucky fans.Having loads of money seem like a pretty good thing now,I'll have to wait longer.Ah well~

Shall wait for more photos and videos of him tomorrow,hehe.
Btw,I'm breathing the same air as him now,lol(:
Gonna dream a sweet dream.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Start of another new month,30 more days till 2011 and The Day.

Had a good time when Grandma stayed over our house for few days,it's nice having some family time and she's just soooooooo adorable.Love you Grandma!(:

Went out with friends for planning and preparing prezzies for our 2 VIP.Well,just hope it would be awesome and everything would go well.Took a photo with KHJ too though he's just a paperboard standee,hee.He's coming today,so excited!Though won't be seeing him in real,at least will find photos and videos of him taken by other people.Heh.Obessessed much?

Still waiting for phone to ring,waiting for interview and waiting for job.Ugh,should had just taken up my cousin's offer,i would be working now):

Seriously nothing to do at home,watch movies and dramas,play CafeWorld/Sorority etc.Though working would also be the same,least doing smth for money not wasting time and doing nothing productive.

Post's getting really boring eh?So few traffic,can't even make money.If there's any kind souls out there that happens to pass by here,please click on my Ads and join samplestore k?Thanks a million!

Sigh.who am i kidding?

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Now that all the rushy things are over,my pace with time seem to move slower.Did some job hunting and callings but to no avail.Really hope could get a job asap.In need to money and there's seem to be no time left or something.Just feel so sickening of everything.UGH.

Bowling with friends on Wednesday,had a great time with them!Love spongebob monopoly! so colourful and fun!heh,thought all monopoly is the same:/

Cleared lots of things in my room,now it looks so much neater than last time.Most of the stuffs are hidden in cupboard now,hehe;)An while cleaning,accidentally touched a lizard's shit,like eww.Dust particles were all around so sneeze every now and then.heh,it was enjoyable though,keep things off my mind for awhile,sigh.

Nearing December soon.Bright side KHJ coming to SG!(: Hope to see him in real person but doubt it,chances are slim to none.But at least could take picture with his standee?hmm.

down side,it will be nearing to results day soon.I know I'm being a wet blanket whatnot,really can't help feeling nervous and scared.My body clock don't work with my mind,having shorter sleeping hours everyday.Spoiling complexion and mood and mind.Everything just swayed to the negative side now.Seriously mind is the most active before you fall asleep,countless thoughts just ran through your mind.No idea what it means now,just hoping for the best and get myself to calm down.Becoming a nervous wreck already):

What's happening?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Prom Night.

Had a blast with classmates and friends in York Hotel.Most common sight to see was everyone snapping away,holding and capturing on all the memories.Had a wonderful and memorable time with everyone.Dinner was like...not their standard at all.Ah well~
Though not everyone was present,reminiscing the past with the whole cohort was nice,heh.Luckily did go for this prom after much thoughts and influence by a teacher(teehee!).Once in a lifetime thing,no regrets,just FUN(:

Thanks 2e5/4E1 and the awesome teachers in skss for this memorable 4 years!Many years down the road,i guess everyone would be looking back all this again,when you're down or just feel like relieving all those happy times yeah.Much much love!(:

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Well,the end.

Hello!Finally Os is OVER!Not sure if I should feel really excited and happy or sad cos the worse has yet to come.Basically no feeling at all,neutral,even wished it would last longer so I won't have to face the cold hard truth.

Screwed up some papers,some just so-so.Too much to worry,really praying hard I'll do well.

Anyway,lots of things to do now its really over.There's prom,spring cleaning my room,room 'makeover',find JOB,help out mummy with chores,borrow books & EXERCISE like mad.Just too FAT.I hate fats.Ugh.Hopefully could get everything done(:

Time flies high and fast.2010 ending soon.4 years in sec sch just went like that.
Sec 1,nerdy girl with long skirt and socks.Geeky spec,hardworking and didn't get into any trouble at all.Best friend was found.
Sec2,less nerdy but still nerdy,shorter skirt and socks,cut bob,did fairly well,no troubles too.Clique of 7 was found and gone.
Sec3,needless to say,still the same old goody two shoes,new friends and class.
Sec 4,same old girl,results drop,things changed.Now,hoping for the best to come.

Really,so much had happened may it be good/plain/boring/exciting/sad/sour.
Time to move on with life.Whatever that may happen,never regret meeting those great friends and teachers and going to skss.Thanks for those good'ol times!(:

Oh yeah,been watching Mischievous Kiss,Korean version and I swear its really awesome cos there's my KimHyunJoong!*Screams*
Coming to SG very soon too,really hope to see him without spending a lot of $.I'm broke.Hope not too many people and result in no show.He's really someone that shows his real side sometimes not faking and stuff. You go KHJ!xoxo
Shall end here!Next update soon!Have a great week ahead!(:

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Just One.

Gonna go on a long hiatus away from computer,unless there's exceptions, to start getting my act together,to buck up,to pull all my socks up,to get started on preparing for the finale.

Gonna be very tough and hard,nevertheless will do my best and giving everything I've got,take 100% responsibility and participate 100%.Everything don't come by chance,is what we make of it that's the most important.

Time is not on my side,really had to stop wasting so much time on things that can wait,must start working hard.

Hope everything will go as planned and smooth,get to my goal(s),overcome all obstacles and be proud of myself.Gonna pray very hard i could do it,with actions taken too.

Wish me luck k!Gonna need a whole lot,heh;)
All the best to everyone out there who's taking 'O' Level too.
Goodbye for now/.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Well,exams are over, 'O' level CL oral is over, Adam Khoo workshop is also over.

Really had a blast for the past 3 days attending the AK workshop(:
Trainers are truly humorous and awesome people.Taught a lot of study skills, how to study smart and getting my motivation back.Told us a lot of their personal and true stories,just made almost everyone cried that day.

Definitely a life changing moment.Closing ceremony too,just touched my those people who stand up to speak up about themselves and family too.A very touching scene.

wished my parents would be there but no.Saying 'I Love You' to them is really funny,especially dad.Guess he's speechless.Hahas.

workshop truly helped a lot,really must get my head into my studies and start working extra hard to get to my goal.No more computer for me,TV just for the night and studies will take over.
Just hope i could get what I'm aiming for.

Feel like smth had changed inside,shedding the old me and a new me should be born.Nothing much had changed but I've learned a lot from this,somehow enlightened,somehow see things clearer with a new point of view and gonna put them into use,make my parents proud of me.

shall end here(:

Saturday, July 03, 2010


Had a really busy and stress week,just 1 more to go(:
Late update on B'day and Cultural Nite ytd.


So it was just like any other day,study date with SKY.Reached YX home,bam!A Surprise from SKY and Helina.Definitely shocked from head to toe,really find it unexpected and really happy(: Never thought they would plan smth like this and believed them for the "lies" they said before.Heh,i know i looked weird,ugly and whatnot.Ah well!

Too bad,didn't take a photo with all of them.Played water bomb,cards aftermath.Really good lunch they made too.Really caught off guard,seriously.Once again,really thankful to them for making this happened,love them to bits!hahas(:

Then,the next day,celebrated with dearest mummy and daddy,with the b'day cake being made by YX,K and me.Kinda melted a bit at the sugar flowers part,still it's yummy and had an awesome day(:

Cultural Nite:

Meet up with YX,K,SY to eat dinner first before taking bus to NYP for Cultural Nite.
Was raining heavily before and drizzling,really annoying.Had a fun time chatting with them,eating with them,sitting in the bus with them.

Reached NYP,found the auditorium,everyone was dressed up really pretty and handsome,took photos and head in for the concert.Overall,show was great,you have to be there to feel what's like,telling seem to have not much feelings and effect.Heh.

Somehow felt a hint of missing Choir,their performance was awesome,spotlight was irritating ttm.Had a good laugh in the concert too.Hahas,memorable experience,just really too bad didn't have a camera to capture everything,good moments and stuff.Looking weird,ugly and whatnot in the rest of the photos too.Laugh all you want k,good for ya health.Hee.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Another week gone just like that, not really well spent week.Went for English lessons,yet he went MIA on the last 3 days,luckily did not went for it on Thur and Fri(sorta).Wasted people's time and money.Seriously,least he can do is informed the sch first.

Sill have many things to do,the list is never ending,yet to revise for MYE which spells crap and trouble.Oh...really need to start ASAP.Go Peggy!!!

Today went out with mommy to watched The Karate Kid,4.5/5 stars(: Definitely really awesome,touching and funny.Been wondering since this movie had been aired for like 1 week,still had like a lot of people watching.Had to crane our necks to see the screen and my stupid gift card didn't work!Ugh.Sorry Mum!

Am seriously having a liking to Jaden Smith,he's like so adorable to the max with his hair style like this,boy can he cry.Just so freaking cute((: Didn't know the fact that he's Will Smith's son and had already filmed 2 movies before.Definitely outdated in this.Oh, and this movie was a remake of the older version movie in 1900s+.Have to say,this movie actors/actress are much better,heh^^

1 more week left till MYE,really have no idea how to survive.Gonna be busy yet again till th end of year.Gonna try my best to study lots the next few days.Hope will get good grades for MYE.Wish me luck k!God Bless!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Had tests to do even though its holidays,everyday just come in a rush and gone like the wind.Another week just gone like that...

Career Quest on Monday,was kinda fun and interesting.Learn some good stuffs.Polys,Navy,NAFA,Laselle etc people all came to let us know more about the schools.Still have no idea what to choose...sigh.

Homework just keep stacking up non-stop and I'm delaying them as long as i can.Oh God.People are like starting to work even harder,while I'm starting to slack.People had all their fun in sec1-2/3 and starting to study hard now while i work hard in sec1-3,starting to lose motivation now.Why,of all this time?):

The most important and the most boring part of my life and i had to become like this.
Feeling like crap...

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Up and Down.

June holidays had started,still it seems like normal school days,everyday going back to school for lessons.Oh well,just hope I will stay focus in class and giving my best at the end.Really not much time left...

Went to Aunt's house for a visit and to bring Gran home.Slack a little here and there,completed just 1 ws out of many to be done.Am taking my own sweet time,which is really not a good thing.

Went to T3 for dinner,kinda bloated yet again.Lil cousin could play the slide there,wished i could too.Photos at the big red chair,mobile camera really cmi,always slow to react): Cab ride home was really a bad one,mistake keep happening over and over again,really hate taking cabs.Why does this keep happening to me?What wrongs had i done?Can't believe till now i'm still as weak as ever.FML.

Really no turning back in life,whatever was done,is done.Time can't rewind,time can't stop.Really wished next life won't be a human again...