Thursday, December 02, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong!

(via KHJ-Facebook)
(via ShanShan)

Purely filled with excitement now,KHJ finally reached SG,so happy!Looking at the videos on Youtube,really lots of fans waiting for him at the airport,of a range of ages.God, he really is charming.

Saw the press conference uploaded by SuperPrincess501, he is really gorgeous and the way he answer the some questions was funny too,hehe.Luckily will be seeing more of him when he debut his solo album next year,wheeeeeeeeeeeee!This means still have chance to meet him(:

Today at Tampines was swarm with many people too,hardly any place to walk.Tomorrow fanmeeting only limited to 120 people and his departure too,lucky fans.Having loads of money seem like a pretty good thing now,I'll have to wait longer.Ah well~

Shall wait for more photos and videos of him tomorrow,hehe.
Btw,I'm breathing the same air as him now,lol(:
Gonna dream a sweet dream.

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