Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Start of another new month,30 more days till 2011 and The Day.

Had a good time when Grandma stayed over our house for few days,it's nice having some family time and she's just soooooooo adorable.Love you Grandma!(:

Went out with friends for planning and preparing prezzies for our 2 VIP.Well,just hope it would be awesome and everything would go well.Took a photo with KHJ too though he's just a paperboard standee,hee.He's coming today,so excited!Though won't be seeing him in real,at least will find photos and videos of him taken by other people.Heh.Obessessed much?

Still waiting for phone to ring,waiting for interview and waiting for job.Ugh,should had just taken up my cousin's offer,i would be working now):

Seriously nothing to do at home,watch movies and dramas,play CafeWorld/Sorority etc.Though working would also be the same,least doing smth for money not wasting time and doing nothing productive.

Post's getting really boring eh?So few traffic,can't even make money.If there's any kind souls out there that happens to pass by here,please click on my Ads and join samplestore k?Thanks a million!

Sigh.who am i kidding?

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