Friday, December 17, 2010

What Did I Do?

Hello again.My life has been really mundane,even more now. Can't be as happy as the kids above, already in mood for Christmas.
Everyday routine:work>home>sleep>work>home>sleep...
You get the idea,and from what I've learnt these few days:
1.I rather stay at home and rot now.
2.Studying is REALLY better than working.(even co-workers said so,didn't believe at first,heh)
3.Mind your own business.
4.Every job got its difficulties/complications b/w all the workers/company itself.
5.Gossips and whatnot.
6.Either you get a bunch of 'friends' or none(on your own).
After this is done,another whole cycle again but tougher cos its everyday for 12hours.Okay really regret now.
1.No time with family&friends/myself.
2.Check out the open houses in Polys in 2011.
3.Money earned will come late.UGH.
4.Lack of sleep=tired everyday.
5.Still wasting time anyway;waiting time etc.
6.No life at all.
7.No freaking time to buy clothes for new year.(don't care,gonna find time!!)
8.Everyday revolve around money.No,should be since the day we're born money is a NEED already.
9.Hadn't accomplish goals set for myself.
10.Ending the year with gloom/blues.
Really hate this,dunno what i get myself into.Must always experience them then I'll start to regret,seriously.

14days till the end of work and year.Gonna change URL and blogskin again and new resolutions.Readers are close to none.Not interesting enough,no pictures,no life yes?
I'm really dreading everyday,the sick feeling in the stomach.I'm reluctant.Feel like lying on the bed and never wake up,hoping everything is a dream.Guess not uh?

Getting carried away,forget it,ending here!Goodbye!

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