Monday, December 27, 2010

This and That.

Finally,work's ending in 4 days!(:
But also year 2010:(
In denial.

Didn't spent my Christmas well,working for the holiday.Double pay some more so maybe still alright.Just hope money will be bank in soon in exact amount.Hope i won't get cheated:/ won't right?Don't think too much.Thanks many to friends for the X'mas cards though,hee.

Sudden blackout at the store too,thought would need like 1 hour for power to get back on and slack but less than a minute later,power's back-.-

Will post more photos when I've my break next year Jan.Gonna go shopping for new year stuff,hanging out with friends and all the fun,can't wait!(:

Just nervous about THE day.Don't wanna go see it.

Update soon!Enjoy your last few days of 2010!(Not like me,working my ass off.ugh.)

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