Friday, May 15, 2015


Hello to whoever still reads my blog hahaha! Just realised I've been gone for almost 5 months, with the beginning of a new semester and it just ended a week ago. Officially completed a year worth of university study. As usual this semester was another bumpy ride, the first time having so much failing experiences I can't even. Glad it is finally over, really hoping for the best for exam results, sigh.

I came to a realisation that every semester I will probably hit a climax and struggle with all the depressing workload and feelings. It is so hard to force myself out of this negative vicious cycle yet somehow I always find my way out again no matter how brutally I've got hurt mentally hahahas wonder how I did it. I think I'm getting use to it. But still, to go through it over again for the next 4-5 more is scary even just thinking about it. On top of the academic stress, also have to deal with the strong competition and the occasional loneliness...meh, kinda sucks. :/

Regardless, always feel so good and safe meeting and catching up with close friends. The older we get, I feel even more glad that I have a group of friends that continue to make an effort to stay on in my life. To have someone to call your close friend seem so much harder to come by now.

Celebrated birthdays for these dear girls over the past few months, so happy that I got to witness their growth and sharing those special moments with them. Very grateful (:

Breeks Cafe for dinner, the dish was too oily in my opinion.

Took part in a sports carnival and interact with new people for various games that was meant to be raising more awareness for people with special needs. It was quite eye opening as they got to invite a famous paralympic swimmer for a dialogue session. Had a really enjoyable time playing through the games and meaningful at the same time.

Another birthday celebration in Feb and hahaha had so much fun chatting with the girls and those funny awkward moments >,<

Tried this prawn aglio olio at Royz et Vous cafe, very spicy but every bite of the meal was flavourful, yumms.

Took this particular module and got to do fieldwork on vices, another eye opening topic and learnt quite a lot about what happened in Southeast Asia countries and how those countries interact with one another. Pretty insightful, hopefully can get a good grade, fingers crossed.

Them came a few more birthdays celebrations for March. Hehe had a great time attending their parties!^^

I went for a political kind of dialogue discussing about the importance of getting a degree, so many different point of views and debatable issues, left me wondering with more questions than answers. Not sure is this a good thing or bad thing. On one hand we probably wanted a change, but with changes also comes with other factors to evaluate whether the trade-off are acceptable and being supported.

Oh and I gotten my first ever stomach flu during exams(totally mood downer) and thereafter throat inflammation, flu and cough. What perfect timing. So grossed out.

Funny how when I'm swamp with a lot of assignments I'll think about those life questions and now that break is here, those thoughts just flew away.

Oh and recently got hooked onto the 'Return of the Superman' show, omg the kids are soooooo adorable!!!*.*

Till the next post!