Sunday, November 30, 2014

Finally, it is Ending in November

I guess after some self-reflection, talking it out with family and friends, I pressed on. Even though it is gonna be tough, I'm suppose to grow stronger and withstand this pressure like how everyone else is doing...right? I am still thankful that I met really good OG mates that are willing to help me out and lecturer/tutors that taught pretty well and made the lessons engaging. Gonna miss most is the English class, though no credits are given, always have to wake up at 5am+ to get to school, the tutor and class was just something I look forward to. Haha.

Met my lovely Year 3 clique one fine Saturday and just chill and catch up with each other too. Missed having them for company in school:(
Had shared so much laughters and our disdain for the usual things in poly, hahahas.

After that is revision for final exams, not exactly doing what I should do during study week so all the last minute study was push till exams was nearing. Bad move but I never learnt. Sigh. Praying as long as I could pass all modules it would be the best Chistmas present or next year birthday present. This is how serious it had become. Please please please just let me pass all the modules. Sigh.

Shall update again next time.