Thursday, November 25, 2010


Now that all the rushy things are over,my pace with time seem to move slower.Did some job hunting and callings but to no avail.Really hope could get a job asap.In need to money and there's seem to be no time left or something.Just feel so sickening of everything.UGH.

Bowling with friends on Wednesday,had a great time with them!Love spongebob monopoly! so colourful and fun!heh,thought all monopoly is the same:/

Cleared lots of things in my room,now it looks so much neater than last time.Most of the stuffs are hidden in cupboard now,hehe;)An while cleaning,accidentally touched a lizard's shit,like eww.Dust particles were all around so sneeze every now and then.heh,it was enjoyable though,keep things off my mind for awhile,sigh.

Nearing December soon.Bright side KHJ coming to SG!(: Hope to see him in real person but doubt it,chances are slim to none.But at least could take picture with his standee?hmm.

down side,it will be nearing to results day soon.I know I'm being a wet blanket whatnot,really can't help feeling nervous and scared.My body clock don't work with my mind,having shorter sleeping hours everyday.Spoiling complexion and mood and mind.Everything just swayed to the negative side now.Seriously mind is the most active before you fall asleep,countless thoughts just ran through your mind.No idea what it means now,just hoping for the best and get myself to calm down.Becoming a nervous wreck already):

What's happening?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Prom Night.

Had a blast with classmates and friends in York Hotel.Most common sight to see was everyone snapping away,holding and capturing on all the memories.Had a wonderful and memorable time with everyone.Dinner was like...not their standard at all.Ah well~
Though not everyone was present,reminiscing the past with the whole cohort was nice,heh.Luckily did go for this prom after much thoughts and influence by a teacher(teehee!).Once in a lifetime thing,no regrets,just FUN(:

Thanks 2e5/4E1 and the awesome teachers in skss for this memorable 4 years!Many years down the road,i guess everyone would be looking back all this again,when you're down or just feel like relieving all those happy times yeah.Much much love!(:

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Well,the end.

Hello!Finally Os is OVER!Not sure if I should feel really excited and happy or sad cos the worse has yet to come.Basically no feeling at all,neutral,even wished it would last longer so I won't have to face the cold hard truth.

Screwed up some papers,some just so-so.Too much to worry,really praying hard I'll do well.

Anyway,lots of things to do now its really over.There's prom,spring cleaning my room,room 'makeover',find JOB,help out mummy with chores,borrow books & EXERCISE like mad.Just too FAT.I hate fats.Ugh.Hopefully could get everything done(:

Time flies high and fast.2010 ending soon.4 years in sec sch just went like that.
Sec 1,nerdy girl with long skirt and socks.Geeky spec,hardworking and didn't get into any trouble at all.Best friend was found.
Sec2,less nerdy but still nerdy,shorter skirt and socks,cut bob,did fairly well,no troubles too.Clique of 7 was found and gone.
Sec3,needless to say,still the same old goody two shoes,new friends and class.
Sec 4,same old girl,results drop,things changed.Now,hoping for the best to come.

Really,so much had happened may it be good/plain/boring/exciting/sad/sour.
Time to move on with life.Whatever that may happen,never regret meeting those great friends and teachers and going to skss.Thanks for those good'ol times!(:

Oh yeah,been watching Mischievous Kiss,Korean version and I swear its really awesome cos there's my KimHyunJoong!*Screams*
Coming to SG very soon too,really hope to see him without spending a lot of $.I'm broke.Hope not too many people and result in no show.He's really someone that shows his real side sometimes not faking and stuff. You go KHJ!xoxo
Shall end here!Next update soon!Have a great week ahead!(: