Saturday, November 13, 2010

Well,the end.

Hello!Finally Os is OVER!Not sure if I should feel really excited and happy or sad cos the worse has yet to come.Basically no feeling at all,neutral,even wished it would last longer so I won't have to face the cold hard truth.

Screwed up some papers,some just so-so.Too much to worry,really praying hard I'll do well.

Anyway,lots of things to do now its really over.There's prom,spring cleaning my room,room 'makeover',find JOB,help out mummy with chores,borrow books & EXERCISE like mad.Just too FAT.I hate fats.Ugh.Hopefully could get everything done(:

Time flies high and fast.2010 ending soon.4 years in sec sch just went like that.
Sec 1,nerdy girl with long skirt and socks.Geeky spec,hardworking and didn't get into any trouble at all.Best friend was found.
Sec2,less nerdy but still nerdy,shorter skirt and socks,cut bob,did fairly well,no troubles too.Clique of 7 was found and gone.
Sec3,needless to say,still the same old goody two shoes,new friends and class.
Sec 4,same old girl,results drop,things changed.Now,hoping for the best to come.

Really,so much had happened may it be good/plain/boring/exciting/sad/sour.
Time to move on with life.Whatever that may happen,never regret meeting those great friends and teachers and going to skss.Thanks for those good'ol times!(:

Oh yeah,been watching Mischievous Kiss,Korean version and I swear its really awesome cos there's my KimHyunJoong!*Screams*
Coming to SG very soon too,really hope to see him without spending a lot of $.I'm broke.Hope not too many people and result in no show.He's really someone that shows his real side sometimes not faking and stuff. You go KHJ!xoxo
Shall end here!Next update soon!Have a great week ahead!(:

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