Sunday, November 10, 2013


It's mid November already? 0.o

So far internship had treat me well and its ending soon. As much as I dread waking up early, going to the workplace, doing the work I think I'm gonna miss it, the good and bad. Considered lucky I got posted to the company no matter the experiences. Very thankful.

Anyway, had a few meet ups with my lovely friends over the past few weeks. Wanted to try Bangkok Jam so went to visit for dinner. Honestly, the service was pretty poor probably because of the peak hour, portion of food especially the soup was so small:/ Food was just average but Phat Thai was the exception. Given the experience, may not go back again. 

Another not so good experience, visited Paddington House of Pancakes. Props for the portion and yummy food, very satisfying but service kinda disappointing. Had not finished eating, the waiter already came up to us to clean the dish while we are eating halfway, like wth. >:(

Went to airport to celebrate our dear girl birthday in advance, so long since all of us were present though Helina came and go, hahahs. Feels good to always have their company.

Totally did not expect this to come true, but thanks to The Body Shop SG, I got to attend Digital Fashion Week, Max Tan's spring/summer collection last Saturday. Pretty clothes with high fashion sense. Saw a few celebs there as well hehes. Really cool to see a live fashion show right before my eyes and it was a great experience. Thank you YX for coming with me. (:

Thank you Black Box for another wonderful surprise!^^

Have a great week ahead! (;