Sunday, July 07, 2013


This year's birthday was really overwhelming. Though it was the first day of school, I was being surprised by 2 groups of friends which really made my day!^^

Though it was just a simple lunch after lessons at Fish & Co, cos I did not visit before but after the meal, the waiters/waitress/manager celebrated birthday for one other guy and me...come to think of it it was super hilarious and embarrassing!>.<

In the evening, another surprise by SY and YX. Super funny as well cos I am not used to opening door to strangers and when I looked through the peep-hole, they were trying their best to hide, hahahas. Did not expect them to visit me and was kinda in shocked.

Really thankful for the chance and luck in meeting and knowing them. All being too sweet and kind to me, felt so undeserving of their actions.

A simple celebration with parents as well after visiting the doctor. So lucky that I gotten sick on my birthday-.- Grateful for such loving parents, never fail to celebrate for me, must repay them once I earned enough money!!

BTW, the food at Fish & Co was yummy! Wanna try other dishes again too(:

Photo Credit to Sarah!^^
Photo Credit to Ying Xin!;)

Had dinner last Thursday at Olio Cafe again, hahahs cos everywhere is crowded and we met our ex-classmates coincidentally. So good to see familiar faces, kinda missed the times we had in secondary school...anyway was surprised at the effort YX made on giving me a calendar, all the decorations, printing, pasting and writing was really heart warming. Love all the gifts, hehes!
Photo Credit to Scze Yin! (:

Photo credit to Yu Xiang!^^

Met up with JX as well after schools field trip to URA gallery. Finally got to watch Despicable Me 2, it was still funny and nice when there were minions around but storyline is a tad draggy, hope the standalone minions movie would be better! Can't wait for it to be out(:

Thanks JX for the sweet gifts too, had a good time catching up, hees!

Hectic July, especially organizing a pop-up event in school. Luckily there are organizations willing to partner with us, sincerely hope the event goes well.

Have a great week guys!(: