Monday, February 18, 2013

Last Round!

Finally got to meet up with them after so long. It felt good all over again, talking and laughing throughout the whole day. Just what I need before going into revision mode for the exams. Thank you girls!(:

Went hopping to all our 4 homes, starting from mine. Hehes, was literally eating all the CNY food and drinks at each visit. Result: Stomachache and very much bloated. Thankful for their parents as well for entertaining us. Hopefully Kelly(met for a short while) with the rest of the girls could make it for next CNY visit to all the different houses!Heh^^

 Okay, really need to get started on my revision. Must do well.

Jiayou to the people who's taking exams this coming week and next!;)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year!!

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!Wish everyone good health and more wealth rolling in~ hehes^^

Had steamboat for reunion dinner, love all the food! First day of CNY went to both maternal and paternal grams' home, as usual watch some TV shows, gamble a bit and eat the snacks. This year seemed less lively with lesser family members and really nothing much to do. Cousins don't communicate much at all. Reading all the tweets from people realized they all are so close to their cousins. Oh well~

Anyway here's my nails for this festive period! Oddly I don't have red nail polish even though I collected quite a bit of other colours. Hahas so I stick with red/gold glitters.
Outfit of the Day: Loving the skirt cos it flare out at the ends(:
Finally met Sam after so long, still as cute as ever!! Pity he's getting old and not as hyper as last time:(
Second day we went to River Hongbao aka 春到河畔 at Marina Bay Float, tons of food to eat seriously but way too packed. Wanted to try other types of food and my fave Tako Yaki but queue really was ridiculous...

Dearest parents^^

Everybody likes God of Wealth. It was a smart move to have a magic show right in front of it as well, heh.

This cute little boy hahahahs.

As for today, visited nanny's home. Always bring back many memories and hope could see my childhood playmates again but tough since I can't remember their names and faces, hahas maybe one day will crossed path.

School for another 2 days and off for study break!Let there be Motivation to study for the break.

Have a great week!(:

Friday, February 08, 2013


Finally done with all class tests and presentations!Though today sort of end on a sour note. Glad everything is almost over for this semester. Anyway, backtrack to a few weeks ago, two mini surprises for our friends' birthday. Hope they enjoyed the presents and had a great time!^^

Photos credit to Jane

Then received lovely Gebera Daisies from my dear friends which was really sweet of them!Appreciate all these little things, always makes my day:,)

And this funny thing happened a few days ago, only 5 people was present for the last lecture and really it's my first time seeing a lecture so empty. Teacher was cute enough to also share chocolates and took a photo with us,hehes. A very nice teacher I've met for this semester(:

Just hope grades would maintain and only 2 more main exams to go before vacation break. Sadly, last long break before taking SIP next semester. Kinda scary and fast, not prepared and not looking forward to next semester. Gonna handle even more subjects and of higher weightage:/

On a brighter note, Chinese New Year this Sunday, excited to wear new clothes, get ang baos and hopefully have a good time eating the yummy food and watch movie with parents!Heh, simple happiness for me is enough.

Family reunion shrinking year by year though, don't feel close with anyone anymore now.

Hope everything will pass smoothly. Have a great CNY!^^