Friday, February 08, 2013


Finally done with all class tests and presentations!Though today sort of end on a sour note. Glad everything is almost over for this semester. Anyway, backtrack to a few weeks ago, two mini surprises for our friends' birthday. Hope they enjoyed the presents and had a great time!^^

Photos credit to Jane

Then received lovely Gebera Daisies from my dear friends which was really sweet of them!Appreciate all these little things, always makes my day:,)

And this funny thing happened a few days ago, only 5 people was present for the last lecture and really it's my first time seeing a lecture so empty. Teacher was cute enough to also share chocolates and took a photo with us,hehes. A very nice teacher I've met for this semester(:

Just hope grades would maintain and only 2 more main exams to go before vacation break. Sadly, last long break before taking SIP next semester. Kinda scary and fast, not prepared and not looking forward to next semester. Gonna handle even more subjects and of higher weightage:/

On a brighter note, Chinese New Year this Sunday, excited to wear new clothes, get ang baos and hopefully have a good time eating the yummy food and watch movie with parents!Heh, simple happiness for me is enough.

Family reunion shrinking year by year though, don't feel close with anyone anymore now.

Hope everything will pass smoothly. Have a great CNY!^^

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