Sunday, January 27, 2013


Reaching January's end soon, finally going to finish all projects and presentations soon. Just not looking forward to the job interview role play (I know I am gonna flunk it cos I suck at speaking fluent and good English, sigh) and the class tests for two consecutive days plus 2 presentations to prepare for the week):

Anyway still would give my best hopefully could turn things around. *Fingers crossed*
Plus I think I messed up on the Communication Skills test yesterday, distractions and getting sick on that day. Worse combination ever. God bless me.

This period is definitely the worse time to get sick, still recovering from flu and scratchy throat. Luckily could rest for today and I sort of completed HR project!^^ Really hope the next few weeks would pass fast so get to enjoy CNY and vacation break.

Saw so many pretty clothes, shoes and nail polishes online, wish I've the money to buy all of them. Heh.

Okay, till then!

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