Tuesday, January 01, 2013

For 2013...

I wish everyone more happiness and joy, fulfil your dreams, may everything you do be smooth sailing and most importantly, stay healthy and safe!

Happy New Year!^^

Looking back at my 2012's resolutions, I only achieved 3/8. Hahahas, kinda fail but better than none. 2012 really did make a difference, met so many people, working with different people in school and work opened up my perspective. It's important to make a good choice and I learnt to guard my heart better. Trust issues really is difficult to handle, see and feel. Sincerely hope this year will be better for me.

Doubt will be any different from last year, but here's my 2013's Resolutions:

1. Study Hard/Smart; Achieve GPA > 3.8
2. Get Vacation Job: Earn money for self and giveback some to parents
3. Stay Positive as much as possible
4. Be more in control of what I want to do
5. Always have gratitude

Figured most of what I want is just wishful thinking, just typing down and not taking any action is not going to solve anything. Until I can make it happen, it is just gonna stay as wishes. Also should not lose sight of what are important in my life. I spent too much time thinking of what I couldn't do/have rather than what I can do/have. Just too caught up in materialistic things cos everyone is doing so, it's the norm, it's what they could afford. I can't.

Anyway, I'll try to be a better person, be more grateful to what I already have then maybe one day I could finally get what I want. (:

And they say, good/bad things come when you least expected it. Something like that. Hehes.

Thank you to my parents, accepting me regardless of my attitude and flaws. Being there for me when I need it, keeping the house so clean, going out with me for shopping, buying me stuffs, cooking for me,  switching off lights when I'm lazy to do so, paying for my allowances, treating me to movies and food,  teaching me how to cycle, being able to do cycling as a family, driving me back and forth from home to school, to other places, tolerating my temper, taking care of me when I feel unwell, supporting me to grow up and so much more. Though sometimes we quarrel, say things we don't mean, I know we all still care for each other. Seriously can't repay all the things you done for me, I'm really happy to be born as your daughter and lucky to you as my mummy and papa. :'D

Thank you all who are still my friends, who come here to read, who still like me for who I am, putting up with my mood swings, solving my problems, listening to me, pushing me to become better, put in effort to make me smile, laugh, plan all the fun activities/meet ups and keep in contact with me. I'm really grateful for you guys still part of life and really very sorry for the times I neglected you, being a very bad friend, not being there for you when you need it. But I'm truly contented to just meet you people cos you definitely impacted my life. :)

Thank you self, for still hanging on, still alive and doing what normal people can do. Please press on and bring in better things to your life, to live well.

So many words ah, just like doing a reflection  Hahas. All right, I guess that is all for setting everything right for year 2013. Thank you for reading!

Stay close to your loved ones and have a brilliant new year ahead!;)

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