Monday, December 31, 2012

Highlights of my 2012!

Just before this year comes to an end, feel like doing a recap on all the happy and significant things that happened to me so maybe few years down the road, I've got positive things to look back on and remind myself how lucky I was. Hope to do this for every year. Teehee. Okay, here goes...

1. Meeting QiuQiu (Feb)

My first time meeting one of my fave bloggers, QiuQiu at City Square Mall while she did  a flea. the crowd was gone but she was still there so really happy I got to take a photo with her!^^ I really like her down-to-earth personality and being herself. Hope could get to see my other fave bloggers next time.

2. First Dyed Hair (Mar)

Decided to change hair colour and turns out well at first but now colour fade to brownish, orangey red. Lol, still a nice experience and I look younger hahas. Hope to try other colours or dip dye my hair soon.

3. First Flea Market Shopping/With JX, S & F (Mar)

With new found friends from year 1, get to shop at flea market at insanely cheap prices for clothes and get to hang out with them! I am starting to like flea market shopping and hope to try going to salvation army for thrifting too! Hees. Thank you all for the good times!

4. Baking Cookies/Watching Horror Movie (Mar/Oct)

Gathered at YX's house to bake cookies for the and watch horror movie for the first time, not really scary. But October we did it again, plan was to watch 2-3 horror ones but end up only 1 cos we're tired or don't feel like watching.

Technically not my first horror movie cos I watched Paranormal Activity 2 sometime ago on the Internet but most of the time covered my eyes and fast forward the movie, and other bits and pieces of other movies, lol. Movie scenes haunt me in my dreams, sigh. I'm way too timid for this. Too easy to be scared. Note to self: Don't watch horror movies again.

Photos Credit to YX.

5. Visiting ArtScience Museum at MBS (Apr)

First time there too for Titanic Exhibition and taking lots of self shots with YX and the beautiful scenery!^^

6. Kim Hyun Joong Fanmeet/Concert (May)

This probably is the most happy event for the year. Every time I thought of the concert atmosphere, seeing KHJ up close, shaking his hand really makes me excited and smiling. Never thought this would happen to me, to soak in all the music and ambiance. Being there with YX too, seeing how he took on the stage, talking to us, absolutely thankful for meeting KHJ!

7. LASplash Workshop (May)/ Shiseido Workshop (Sept)/ Shu Uemura (Sept-Oct)

Something I never thought I would do, hahas but great experience  with makeup and skincare products, working with an atas brand, meeting good colleagues and becoming a dresser for a day and see how those models work their stuff!^^

8. Gardens by the Bay (Oct/Dec)

Shall always remember the pretty flowers, breathtaking waterfall and the Christmas decorations plus all the nice photos took there!

9. USS Trip (Oct)

Technically not my first time in USS but playing the rides? Yes. Fun trip with YX, first time heard myself screaming at the top of my lungs, eating their expensive food and going on almost all the rides!(:

10. ASTA STARDA Conference (Nov)

School sponsored, get to see the MBS convention centre, listen to all business talks, eating all the classy food, making new friends from new class!

2nd photo credit to Cally.

11. SY's K-Attack Concert (Nov)

First time in Esplanade Theatre, watch the NYP's CO performed K-pop music, funny conductor and awesome company!^^ Love the music~

12. Meeting for Class BBQ/New Classmates (Dec)

Lastly, never thought I would enjoyed it, but it was nice hanging out with some year 1 classmates, talking to them, eating good food for BBQ. Then, first outing with the class girls, doing Christmas exchange and having a nice time together. Thank you for the sweet moments.

Well, that concludes the highlights of 2012, sure there's many upset things but reminded by all these good stuff made me realised I'm still one lucky girl!Hehes, hope next year will be nice to me too.

Happy New Year's Eve!:D

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