Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Little Things- Movies, Shopping, BBQ!

Hello Hello! Just ended MST last Monday, finally got to catch up on my sleep and movies!Went to watch Ah Boys to Men with mum, very lag I know but at least it was still showing;) Definitely interesting and many funny scenes and jokes! Can't wait for part 2!~ Oh yeah got QiuQiu acting in it too, one of my fave bloggers, hehes.

A day out with YX to catch Rise of the Guardians, early in the morning. Hahas, almost empty theatre with less than 10 people. Pretty good, love love Jack Frost!Look really cool in the movie:p

After that decided to shop for Chinese New Year's clothes, bought a lot of things especially YX in addition of Christmas presents for her family. Poor girl have to carry so many bags of stuff home:( But we had fun! Realised after I bought the clothes, some was quite disappointing cos doesn't fit me like I want it to, too short or too tight. This means really have to exercise already, what i dread most. If not gotta lookout for another set of clothes,heh.

A short field trip with some classmates to Chinatown on Thursday, tiring but it was nice hanging out with them and one of the nicest feeling I had in a long time. Thank you guys!^^

Saturday, meet up with JX and Fionnie for a walk around town, then head for class BBQ. Food was great, many thanks to the classmates helping to BBQ the food and we just sat around socialising. Hahas, kinda awkward but had a good time catching up on their lives and realised maybe all our school lives are not so different after all. Same worry, same frustrations faced. Jiayou everyone, maybe it will turn out better soon.

Nails of the day!(:

Sums up my week of activities, but seriously really many projects yet to touched on, have not finish editing my PTNs and individual assignments and other things to take care of. 2 weeks+ of break is not enough. Just hoping to pull through and get as much things done as possible.

On the bright side more fun days with friends soon!~

Have a great week!:D

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