Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Little Things-CZ12, Gran's Birthday and Meetup with SKYHP

As much as I would like to deny, the year is really ending soon. Time always passes real quick when it comes to December. School starting soon...

Impromptu CZ12 movie with family on Christmas' eve, hehes was really excited to see Jackie Chan in flim again, with the fact he directed and produced his own movie too. He is someone who I watched while growing up through movies and TV shows. Still remembered the first ever movie I went to watch got him as the lead actor too, together with Shu Qi. Sigh, those carefree days as a child~

Overall awesome movie, really action packed and all the cool fighting moves!A bit draggy though but good time spent with family in the cinema,hehes!^^

Christmas day went for Gran's birthday celebration, as usual all the yummy food but this time less bloated after eating. Luckily I stop myself from getting more food. Self control eh. And just realised I could transfer videos to phone to watch!So yay to no more boredom when visiting Gran's house!^^
Countless of movies I could watch on phone, albeit kinda small and downloading to phone takes quite a while.Heh.

Did some school work for Boxing Day, quite productive but it goes downhill from there,lol, haven't touch on any subjects after that>.<

Oh and as I'm a really big fan of How to Train Your Dragon movie, found they have a TV series on it totally took my mind off things and made me happy just watching it, love the show!Hopefully more episodes would come out soon!Fave Character: Night Fury/Toothless!:p

With my pretty girls for a short dinner at Nex on Thursday. Ate at Lenas/MOF. Ordered their set meal for $8.90, worth it with a large portion of food. really fulling after that(:

Think I looked quite funny in all photos, my thick eyebrows really left me clueless how to shape it. Anyway, enjoyed their company! Thanks for the Christmas goodies Kelly!^^

Supposedly to go for J's birthday party yesterday, but didn't went in the end, I know you'll be really angry. I feel bad and really sorry though it probably is meaningless now. Doubt she will see this still, buy hope she had a good time. All the best to you J!

Time to draw up new resolutions and see if I did achieve any I made at the beginning of the year.

Have a great week!

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