Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Little Things-Getting into the Xmas spirit!

This week was quite happening for me, spent time with friends for Christmas "Celebration". Another year coming to an end soon. Term break is almost up and still left so many things undone. No matter, shall press on and finished up my work asap.

Anyway, on Monday went out with my newly made friends in class to Gardens by the Bay...again. Hahas, so even though I went there not too long ago, this time is different with Christmas season around the corner so the place was decked with Christmas decorations.

Here was my nails' design for the week!^^

Went into Flower Dome, unfortunately Cloud Forest was closed for maintenance. Still, it was pretty with all the Christmas displays~

Had a great time taking photos with the girls, with a pro photographer around and just chatting. Head to Pizza Hut for dinner and had the pizza specially made for Christmas, it was really good and filling. Eaten a main dish too heh. Had our Christmas presents exchange and so coincidence bought the same thing as Cally,heh. >.<

Really thankful for meeting such nice people and getting to know them a little bit more!

Thank you girls for the sweet gifts!^^

Spent a really long time making these bracelets for my fave girls in time for our meeting on Friday, luckily I made it in time and hopefully they will like it!Also a sneak peek into a project I'm doing, post coming next year, hahas cos still have unfinished matters and lack of time so keep a lookout if you are interested!:p

Hehes, its so nice to give people sweet things and treats cos I could see them light up with a smile and I like how it feels(:
Another Christmas presents exchange with them, having a secret santa and knowing who I'll give the present to. Just spent a short time for a simple dinner and chat. Thanks all for making me laugh and the lovely gifts!

One of the birthday presents for HF.
And me! Lol, so long didn't take a self shot, think I grown fatter sitting all day in front of computer and    skin complexion is still far away from what I called perfect:/
A pleasant surprise from uncle today too, received another Christmas present!Hehes!Listening to all the Christmas songs, the cold weather, watching Christmas shows all to get into the Christmas spirit though I don't celebrate it. Just feel good and happy on the inside becos of the festive season!

Glad to have people around that still stick with me, communicate with me, showing concern, showing love. Thank you to all of you!:')

Sadly I'm still troubled, thinking of all the bad things everyday. I seriously hope to get through everything in time. Having a constant worry of not doing well this time round, or maybe for rest of the school life,its bugging me everyday of the worst case scenarios. I can't take it. I want to confront but things definitely will turn out sore, awkward and the loss. Help.

Have a fantastic holiday and Christmas everyone!

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