Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Highlights!

You know when looking back at what I wrote was so weird, sometimes funny and awkward. Thought 2013 nothing eventful happen but after scrolling through my archives I realized many happy things, big or small did occur. So thankful that this year was great as well!

Just nice top 10 things I'm grateful for the year 2013...

1.Visits to BFFs homes for CNY (February)

I think its our second time celebrating CNY together, though few years ago (actually not sure when hahas) did attempt to visit with friends, it was kinda failed cos only went to YX house? Memory is failing me, never mind back to the point, this year counted successful bah, cos managed to visit 2 homes plus a stop-over. It was fun and we were all so happy and stuffed with food. ^^

2.Featured in K.L Video (March)

Who would have thought my picture (Nails to be exact), could be featured in one of my fave beauty/DIY guru's video plus her replying to me tweet?!? One of the best moments of my life. So thank you K.L for the feature! Hehes!

3. Picnic with Friends (April)

We seldom do picnic together, nor have like a whole full day to hang out so I cherished that time when we all bring some food and drinks, cycle and talk the whole day. Thank you.

4. S.E.A Aquarium (May)

Visit to S.E.A Aquarium for the first time with my girls, so many marine animals, ride the simulation in the theatre, got to touch starfishes and sea cucumbers!

5. Hear Me, See Me Event (July)

First and probably last class event together, the effort put in to look for sponsors,discuss with them, a super good experience that I do not want to forget!

6. Internship (Sept-Nov)

Meeting good colleagues, near work location and food! Blessed to had met and have them for internship, thank you!

7. Attended Digital Fashion Week 2013 (November)

Another unexpected surprise, to attend a fashion show, though it lasted like less than an hour, it was a once in a lifetime thing for me.

8. SY K-Attack 3 Concert (November)

Music never fails to cheer me up, NYP CO's is the bomb. So beautiful music made with the various instruments and arrangements of notes! Thumbs up (:

9. Kukup Trip with Family (December)

Promise myself to never go back there again, but still went this year. The sea is still smelly and dirty but this time seemed more enjoyable, the super yummy food, fireworks, company and riding the speed boat!

10.Celebrated TV50/New Year Countdown Party 2013 (December)

Another surprise caught by luck. First time celebrating by participating in the event, seeing all the celebrities and just having a really good time! Best time was when The Wanted & Wang Lee Hom came out to perform, totally brought the house down plus the incredible close up and amazing view of the fireworks showcase!Really is one of the best nights to remember! Woooooo~

Thankful for all the awesome happenings that I got to enjoy and appreciate for 2013, hopefully 2014 will be an even better year filled with lots of fun and happy things! :D

Friday, December 20, 2013


Oh boy, did not realize I had not posted for quite awhile. So anyway let me backtrack...

So I had reached the end of my internship a few weeks back, once again am glad it all went well and they really impact my life. Thank you for the farewell lunch and gifts (:

After that was rushing for presentation with the assigned group, glad we all did well!

Met up with YX again for Hunger Games: Catching Fire, totally worth watching because it just suck you into the story for the next 2 hours+, intense and engaging.

Love the super pretty Christmas Tree just outside of City Square Mall. There is just something happy looking at the lights :>
We went to support our dear SY at her last (I think?) K-Attack 3 concert at Esplanade, never fails to delight me with the melodious sounds made, I can seriously listen to it all day. Thank you for the invite and awesome time spent! ^^

Next is a 2D1N getaway to Kukup, Malaysia just last week. Visited the fishing village again after 3 years. Not much changes but the houses became much bigger and a lot more tourists, hahas.

Mostly we went there is because of the food they served there, ate like 6 meals for the first day, it was like having a feast at every meal really. A lot of seafood like crabs and huge prawns and others. Already missing the food again...

Oh and also get to tour the mangrove forest, climbing up the observatory tower which was extremely scary because its high (5 levels) with the stairs having wide gaps between every other steps-.-

The ferry and speed boat rides, playing with fireworks were the highlights too. Love love the fireworks :D

Overall the experience was better than last time. Hope next time would get the chance to go other parts of the world.

Final semester of school is still so stress, a lot of projects and assignments to rush and trying to adapt to the school routine again. Must do well for the last lap of Poly! Did I mention there is NAPFA test as well? NAPFA is gonna be the death of me I swear :'(

Met up with 8ights (Honestly wish we have a nicer name to called and identify ourselves) for our 3rd year of Christmas exchange, it was nice to meet all of them again after so long. My Secret Santa was YX (shocked) and we all had good chatting session at a food court again, seeing all the gifts and laughing over our own conversations. It feels good to be with them every time. Thankful to have them as friends for so long.

Currently on a 2 weeks+ break, did some spring cleaning again. Why do I always have so many things to throw and donate? I should spend money more wisely...sigh.

And and I finished watching The Heirs, ahh Lee Min Ho and all the other guys are so good looking please.

Found out that Avril Lavigne & Selena Gomez are having their concert this coming February too, and so lucky they are performing during my study break for exams. Why. So wanna go for their concerts :((

OK, I should end this rambling post here.

Till the next time! (:

Sunday, November 10, 2013


It's mid November already? 0.o

So far internship had treat me well and its ending soon. As much as I dread waking up early, going to the workplace, doing the work I think I'm gonna miss it, the good and bad. Considered lucky I got posted to the company no matter the experiences. Very thankful.

Anyway, had a few meet ups with my lovely friends over the past few weeks. Wanted to try Bangkok Jam so went to visit for dinner. Honestly, the service was pretty poor probably because of the peak hour, portion of food especially the soup was so small:/ Food was just average but Phat Thai was the exception. Given the experience, may not go back again. 

Another not so good experience, visited Paddington House of Pancakes. Props for the portion and yummy food, very satisfying but service kinda disappointing. Had not finished eating, the waiter already came up to us to clean the dish while we are eating halfway, like wth. >:(

Went to airport to celebrate our dear girl birthday in advance, so long since all of us were present though Helina came and go, hahahs. Feels good to always have their company.

Totally did not expect this to come true, but thanks to The Body Shop SG, I got to attend Digital Fashion Week, Max Tan's spring/summer collection last Saturday. Pretty clothes with high fashion sense. Saw a few celebs there as well hehes. Really cool to see a live fashion show right before my eyes and it was a great experience. Thank you YX for coming with me. (:

Thank you Black Box for another wonderful surprise!^^

Have a great week ahead! (;

Sunday, October 06, 2013


Made it to October! Internship so far so good, nice colleagues and work environment, just hope it will continue to be the same till the end. Frankly speaking, everyday is just so tiring, hardest part was waking up early in the morning. Always would just look forward to Friday and then weekends. Totally lack personal time. Regardless will try to make the best of it and experience gained would be worth it.

What makes internship easier to survive was the short meet ups with my lovely girls for dinner. Glad we actually work/live near each other, and spend some time together for awhile. Social support is very important really.

Photo credit to SY and HY respectively.

Weekends spend with family and it is back to work! Wish weekends could be longer...need to repay sleep debt once internship ends, this is mentally draining.

Have a good week guys!(:

Sunday, September 08, 2013


Spent the last two days catching up with SKY, caught Mortal Instruments: City of Bones and it was a pretty interesting story plot and cool special effects but don't really understand the story, hahas.

Went to Seoul Yummy for dinner again, army stew really was superb. Hope to see these girls again soon. Thank you for the wonderful dinner;)
Photo credit to YX!

Seldom my family would visit restaurants for meals and this is one of the rare times. So decided to head over to Paradise Inn for dinner. Ordered a few dishes to share, and most were tasty except for the minced pork with water chestnut and salted egg yolk. Not recommended. It was nice having some family bonding time, missed it so much.
Tomorrow is SIP launch day. How one week had passed shortly after my exams. Don't feel well rested yet nor have enough me-time. Sigh. Kinda dreading SIP but also excited. Really pray that everything would go well.

Have a good week ahead!(:

Thursday, September 05, 2013

#17 L'etoile Cafe/ Jewel Cafe + Bar

Have this sudden interest of going cafe hopping because of all the pretty pictures seen at Instagram and following Ladyironchef made me wanna jumped on this bandwagon as well. Just see how it goes. 

Anyway the first stop is at Farrer Park. Supposingly to visit 4 nearby cafes, but one was close and the other we had a hard time finding after walking rounds and rounds:(

Putting that aside, our first stop was at L'etoile Cafe, reached there quite conveniently despite the rainy day. Best to go on a weekday really cos there's not much people around and in this type of cafes, its usually made for a smaller crowd of people given the limited space. Must admit the interior design was pretty vintage and so relaxing like you can just watch the world go by. Food wise was standard, pastas was seriously overpriced. Don't recommend that. Service was meh. But what we ate was good enough so would go back there another time prolly just for the ambiance hahas.

Next stop was at Jewel Cafe & Bar, was not really expecting the looks of it but we gave it a try anyway. Felt it is more of a bar than a cafe but again the atmosphere was very welcoming and warming. Customers mostly went there for beer and wine. Main dishes was expensive too and since we ate earlier, we just ordered desserts. The watermelon steaks I ordered was pretty refreshing taste but a tad weird for me though it was one of a creative dish I had ever tasted. The brownie was amazingly yummy(: Service was good too, hahas everyone was so friendly and welcoming to us.

Kinda short but after walking so much it was pretty tiring plus the weather made it sucks. On the bright side, really happy to experience all these in one day, all the old shophouses, people working, taking photos, like a small village or something, hahas. Hope to have more of this next time and I'll definitely share more here for keepsake!^^

Am very productive this week to catch up with friends and family. Another update soon~