Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Highlights!

You know when looking back at what I wrote was so weird, sometimes funny and awkward. Thought 2013 nothing eventful happen but after scrolling through my archives I realized many happy things, big or small did occur. So thankful that this year was great as well!

Just nice top 10 things I'm grateful for the year 2013...

1.Visits to BFFs homes for CNY (February)

I think its our second time celebrating CNY together, though few years ago (actually not sure when hahas) did attempt to visit with friends, it was kinda failed cos only went to YX house? Memory is failing me, never mind back to the point, this year counted successful bah, cos managed to visit 2 homes plus a stop-over. It was fun and we were all so happy and stuffed with food. ^^

2.Featured in K.L Video (March)

Who would have thought my picture (Nails to be exact), could be featured in one of my fave beauty/DIY guru's video plus her replying to me tweet?!? One of the best moments of my life. So thank you K.L for the feature! Hehes!

3. Picnic with Friends (April)

We seldom do picnic together, nor have like a whole full day to hang out so I cherished that time when we all bring some food and drinks, cycle and talk the whole day. Thank you.

4. S.E.A Aquarium (May)

Visit to S.E.A Aquarium for the first time with my girls, so many marine animals, ride the simulation in the theatre, got to touch starfishes and sea cucumbers!

5. Hear Me, See Me Event (July)

First and probably last class event together, the effort put in to look for sponsors,discuss with them, a super good experience that I do not want to forget!

6. Internship (Sept-Nov)

Meeting good colleagues, near work location and food! Blessed to had met and have them for internship, thank you!

7. Attended Digital Fashion Week 2013 (November)

Another unexpected surprise, to attend a fashion show, though it lasted like less than an hour, it was a once in a lifetime thing for me.

8. SY K-Attack 3 Concert (November)

Music never fails to cheer me up, NYP CO's is the bomb. So beautiful music made with the various instruments and arrangements of notes! Thumbs up (:

9. Kukup Trip with Family (December)

Promise myself to never go back there again, but still went this year. The sea is still smelly and dirty but this time seemed more enjoyable, the super yummy food, fireworks, company and riding the speed boat!

10.Celebrated TV50/New Year Countdown Party 2013 (December)

Another surprise caught by luck. First time celebrating by participating in the event, seeing all the celebrities and just having a really good time! Best time was when The Wanted & Wang Lee Hom came out to perform, totally brought the house down plus the incredible close up and amazing view of the fireworks showcase!Really is one of the best nights to remember! Woooooo~

Thankful for all the awesome happenings that I got to enjoy and appreciate for 2013, hopefully 2014 will be an even better year filled with lots of fun and happy things! :D

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