Friday, December 20, 2013


Oh boy, did not realize I had not posted for quite awhile. So anyway let me backtrack...

So I had reached the end of my internship a few weeks back, once again am glad it all went well and they really impact my life. Thank you for the farewell lunch and gifts (:

After that was rushing for presentation with the assigned group, glad we all did well!

Met up with YX again for Hunger Games: Catching Fire, totally worth watching because it just suck you into the story for the next 2 hours+, intense and engaging.

Love the super pretty Christmas Tree just outside of City Square Mall. There is just something happy looking at the lights :>
We went to support our dear SY at her last (I think?) K-Attack 3 concert at Esplanade, never fails to delight me with the melodious sounds made, I can seriously listen to it all day. Thank you for the invite and awesome time spent! ^^

Next is a 2D1N getaway to Kukup, Malaysia just last week. Visited the fishing village again after 3 years. Not much changes but the houses became much bigger and a lot more tourists, hahas.

Mostly we went there is because of the food they served there, ate like 6 meals for the first day, it was like having a feast at every meal really. A lot of seafood like crabs and huge prawns and others. Already missing the food again...

Oh and also get to tour the mangrove forest, climbing up the observatory tower which was extremely scary because its high (5 levels) with the stairs having wide gaps between every other steps-.-

The ferry and speed boat rides, playing with fireworks were the highlights too. Love love the fireworks :D

Overall the experience was better than last time. Hope next time would get the chance to go other parts of the world.

Final semester of school is still so stress, a lot of projects and assignments to rush and trying to adapt to the school routine again. Must do well for the last lap of Poly! Did I mention there is NAPFA test as well? NAPFA is gonna be the death of me I swear :'(

Met up with 8ights (Honestly wish we have a nicer name to called and identify ourselves) for our 3rd year of Christmas exchange, it was nice to meet all of them again after so long. My Secret Santa was YX (shocked) and we all had good chatting session at a food court again, seeing all the gifts and laughing over our own conversations. It feels good to be with them every time. Thankful to have them as friends for so long.

Currently on a 2 weeks+ break, did some spring cleaning again. Why do I always have so many things to throw and donate? I should spend money more wisely...sigh.

And and I finished watching The Heirs, ahh Lee Min Ho and all the other guys are so good looking please.

Found out that Avril Lavigne & Selena Gomez are having their concert this coming February too, and so lucky they are performing during my study break for exams. Why. So wanna go for their concerts :((

OK, I should end this rambling post here.

Till the next time! (:

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