Thursday, July 31, 2014

Fancy July

Not really a fancy month but this word just pop into my mind XD
Can't believe pre-university life was already this busy and boom another month just flew passed. Taught me that time is really precious, on one hand I like having so many things to do but on the other I just want to stay at home and have some me and family time. Pick and choose:/

Anyway these sweet girls were kind enough to celebrate my belated birthday after my work. Looked extremely tired in photos hahas please pardon my face. Astons food as always were good. Missing out Sharifah though. Hope we get to plan another meetup again soon. Thanks so much for the lovely presents + HK souvenirs!(:

Went for the dreaded QET on Wednesday then dinner with 8ights at town. Tried Kenny Rogers for the first time and everything was not bad but after awhile of eating the same things I got sick of it cos too creamy for the mac & cheese and pita bread + sauce was just...As usual happy to have them for company!(:

Though I was just a temp at my office job was invited to join them for K night. Had a fun time listening to them sing, eating and a wee bit of drinking heh!

Finally ended work and started going to school for programming workshop. Dang was it difficult to grasp as it gets to the end. Given the activities the school organised for us, totally no time to practice. Ok fine plus I procrastinate too when there was time. Must must try to do it before school officially starts.

Met up with bestie for the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. It was pretty cool then head to Poulet for dinner! Love the onion soup we ordered and most dishes were on the pricey side so ordered sandwich, which was tasty as well but difficult to cut and there was too much filling for me.

Met up with SKYH for dinner too, had a nice time catching up with them and just chill throughout the evening!^^

Volunteer at MINDSville@Napiri with a group of schoolmates. It was quite a fun and interesting experience to interact with the kids! Glad I went for it.

Then came my 2nd camp, FOW with another group of nice people. Had a great time with them throughout the camp too!(: Photo credits to the various OGLs from the camp!

University really is an extremely big place, having met and seen so many different types of people, they had so many achievements till date while I have like...nothing or rather paled in comparison to what they had done. Hahas. Suddenly it just felt so competitive not just academically but social networks etc too. Makes me wanna do much more too but the first step is my willingness to try. I shall try.

Thanks for reading!