Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Highlights!

Another year, another round of moments to remember and to give gratitude to. It has been quite an eventful year, education transition, forging new friendships and having so many "firsts".

1. Henna (February)
Giving Henna tattoo a try back when there was this flea event in poly, it was kinda cool but the smell I can't really tolerate. Good experience though! XD

2. 5km Charity Run (February)
The first 5km I ran for charity together with my dear friends. It was tiring and a long journey but who would have thought I actually managed to overcome it. Wahahaha sense of accomplishment. Thank you to the girls for the encouragement to run(:

3. Avril Lavigne Concert (March)
Childhood idol since primary school, of course should go and see Avril performed live. Thanks YX for accompany me for going to the concert.

4. Herbalife Event (May)
First event job I think. Nice to see people from different countries coming to Singapore for the event, interacting with them in some way and meet really nice and kind people to work with.

5. Poly Graduation (May)
The long awaited graduation. Bittersweet feeling but overall I'm glad I completed a diploma course and gain so much from learning new knowledge and creating new memories with new found friends that will probably last a lifetime. Thankful for the good lecturers and tutors too.

6. USS with 8ights (May)
Not everyone came but still first time to USS with a bigger group so it was a good chance to bond and make even more good memories together. Heh heh.

7. FSC 2014 (June)
Transition to Uni life was kinda bumpy since I'm taking a whole new course. Lucky I went for the orientation camps and got to know the school better and hanging out with seniors and freshmen. Probably has been a long time in awhile where I experienced so many embarrassing and awkward moments. Just thinking of the silly things we do to get more points just made me feel embarrassed all over again but yet it was fun and exciting, however to even strike a conversation with them seems difficult and so thoroughly awkward now. Probably it is just me feeling this way. Haha.

8. FOW 2014 (July)
Another camp which is much bigger in scale and meeting my course mates. Yup,  another series of mortifying moments made and I'm still like an awkward turtle. Meeting another group of  kind seniors and freshmen really made it another awesome camp.

9. Bash (August)
This conclude the last segment of orientation, first time in a club and my platforms break.

10. NTU Fest-Kang Gary and Jung In Live (August)
Free admission so why not? Kang Gary and Jung In performed live and in sync. Best time ever. Thanks HF for sharing this moment with me.

11. 10km NUSRun (August)
Thought I would never need to run long distance again. Well, I accomplished yet another milestone of 10km.

12. Visiting AMKFSC and Tembusu RH (September)
Thanks to getting the chance to learn more about social work, I got to visit the social services/agencies. Hats off to all the social workers, their job seriously ain't easy and finally learnt the difference between social workers and volunteers.

13. Meeting Jenn Im (October)
This is like my most prized possession right now. So glad I went ahead to meet Jenn when she came to Singapore. Hopefully will get another chance to see her in 2015. Hehes. Ta-da I'm showing the photo again, it was just a really wonderful feeling.

14. SISC 2014 (December)
Another event job I'm grateful to be a part of since it had to do with music and super talented and young kids playing violins. Meeting yet another group of nice and good people to work with.

15. Volunteer Work (December)
Asked by my friend to join and although had to wake up real early but seeing the elderly so united and accompany them to go for a stroll with an ocean view was satisfying. They perhaps don't have much chances to go out and explore so going on this trip should be meaningful ad refreshing for them. Thank you DJ for accompany me on this trip.

16. Slumber "Party"/ New Year Countdown (December)
Last but not least, since last year already spent the New year countdown at Marina Bay Float, this year I got to stay over at YX's home and countdown together in front of TV. BIGBANG in HD, no need to squeeze with the crowd, enjoyed at the comfort at home felt good too. Thank you YX for the invite!

Surprisingly, this year had quite a lot of good things happening. Totally appreciative of all of it and may 2015 be a even better year ahead for all of us.

Jolly Christmas

That one time I tried the colourful and different flavoured Xiao Long Baos at Paradise Dynasty. The water and flavour in the xlbs just burst out when bite into it...Yums.
Another round of Christmas gifts exchange this year with my lovely friends. HF even baked macarons and rainbow cakes for us. Her baking skills is superb, hehes!

Such coincidence that I'm her secret santa and she's mine, teehee. Thank you for the presents~
Dinner at Ikea, crazy crowd, lucky managed to find seats for all of us and had a really good meal when it comes to sharing every dish^^

With my polymates, first time went to St Games Station and play, expensive but had fun playing the rock band 3. It was goooood and now I kinda want a xbox or wii at home so I can play too, hahahas.
Watched Night at the Museum 3 too which was super touching and funny. Sadly it is the last of the series:/ Thankful to have you girls for company!(:

Another year coming to an end. So glad still keeping in contact with these dear friends of mine even we are all on different paths, hope this will continue on into the future and this Christmas had been splendid. Wouldn't ask for more. (:

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Post-Exams Adventures

Hello internet! I really have been enjoying these few weeks of holidays...the temporary feeling of having nothing to worry about, nothing to do is pretty awesome. Won't time just stop here? :B

Caught The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, can't wait for the finale! Albeit most scenes were draggy and they could just go to the main point instead of keep sending the video responses back and forth for many times. Heh heh.

Sunday lunch with my girls, we ate at Spageddies, portion is pretty decent and cheesy!Yums. Since I've not tried both LlaoLlao & Honey Creme, while majority only tried the froyo, the girls are kind enough to buy both to share together. Hehes, LlaoLlao definitely is more worth it although I kinda like that the ice cream for Honey Creme is not sweet : o

Got the opportunity to work for another event this year, where I got to see these kids making music and given such a good performance for their parents & teachers. Can't help but feel inspired by them, seeing how talented they are when playing the violins. It must also had been stressful for both the parents & kids too...trying to nurture them at a young age with music so that maybe in the future they may take up this profession or simply to build their portfolio for future employers. I feel a twinge of competitiveness too, how the society has developed over the years, each new generation getting better than the next. You snooze, you lose. :/

Glad to have a fun  and nice team to work with! Hopefully there will be chance to work for this event again in the future!(:

After a good amount of delay, I finally met up with buddies for dinner at Folks Collective, the Thai food are super flavourful. Would recommend their signature wings(or rather drumlets) and clear tom yum soup. Nom nom nom~

On a very early morning, got the chance to volunteer to accompany a group of elderly for a morning walk at Labrador Park. The ocean was beautiful and look so clear. This group of elderly are living on their own and seeing how they took care of each other really warms my heart. Wished I spoke better dialect and mingle more with them, hahas but was just too awkward and worried I'll say the wrong things >.<

Anyway, I will do better next time. Maybe should communicate more with my grandma first. A big thank you to Da Jie for coming with me and its was a magical and heart warming morning to me. ^^

Just like that,my almost 4 weeks of holidays is gonna be over. Thank God I managed to pass all the modules. PHEW. Wanted to start catching up on the weaker modules I had but can't seem to find the motivation,GRRRRRRR. I need a personal(& free) tutor, period. Jiayou ah Peggy...Jiayou.

On the bright side, can't wait to celebrate Chirstmas with friends later this week! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :D