Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Post-Exams Adventures

Hello internet! I really have been enjoying these few weeks of holidays...the temporary feeling of having nothing to worry about, nothing to do is pretty awesome. Won't time just stop here? :B

Caught The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, can't wait for the finale! Albeit most scenes were draggy and they could just go to the main point instead of keep sending the video responses back and forth for many times. Heh heh.

Sunday lunch with my girls, we ate at Spageddies, portion is pretty decent and cheesy!Yums. Since I've not tried both LlaoLlao & Honey Creme, while majority only tried the froyo, the girls are kind enough to buy both to share together. Hehes, LlaoLlao definitely is more worth it although I kinda like that the ice cream for Honey Creme is not sweet : o

Got the opportunity to work for another event this year, where I got to see these kids making music and given such a good performance for their parents & teachers. Can't help but feel inspired by them, seeing how talented they are when playing the violins. It must also had been stressful for both the parents & kids too...trying to nurture them at a young age with music so that maybe in the future they may take up this profession or simply to build their portfolio for future employers. I feel a twinge of competitiveness too, how the society has developed over the years, each new generation getting better than the next. You snooze, you lose. :/

Glad to have a fun  and nice team to work with! Hopefully there will be chance to work for this event again in the future!(:

After a good amount of delay, I finally met up with buddies for dinner at Folks Collective, the Thai food are super flavourful. Would recommend their signature wings(or rather drumlets) and clear tom yum soup. Nom nom nom~

On a very early morning, got the chance to volunteer to accompany a group of elderly for a morning walk at Labrador Park. The ocean was beautiful and look so clear. This group of elderly are living on their own and seeing how they took care of each other really warms my heart. Wished I spoke better dialect and mingle more with them, hahas but was just too awkward and worried I'll say the wrong things >.<

Anyway, I will do better next time. Maybe should communicate more with my grandma first. A big thank you to Da Jie for coming with me and its was a magical and heart warming morning to me. ^^

Just like that,my almost 4 weeks of holidays is gonna be over. Thank God I managed to pass all the modules. PHEW. Wanted to start catching up on the weaker modules I had but can't seem to find the motivation,GRRRRRRR. I need a personal(& free) tutor, period. Jiayou ah Peggy...Jiayou.

On the bright side, can't wait to celebrate Chirstmas with friends later this week! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :D

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