Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Jolly Christmas

That one time I tried the colourful and different flavoured Xiao Long Baos at Paradise Dynasty. The water and flavour in the xlbs just burst out when bite into it...Yums.
Another round of Christmas gifts exchange this year with my lovely friends. HF even baked macarons and rainbow cakes for us. Her baking skills is superb, hehes!

Such coincidence that I'm her secret santa and she's mine, teehee. Thank you for the presents~
Dinner at Ikea, crazy crowd, lucky managed to find seats for all of us and had a really good meal when it comes to sharing every dish^^

With my polymates, first time went to St Games Station and play, expensive but had fun playing the rock band 3. It was goooood and now I kinda want a xbox or wii at home so I can play too, hahahas.
Watched Night at the Museum 3 too which was super touching and funny. Sadly it is the last of the series:/ Thankful to have you girls for company!(:

Another year coming to an end. So glad still keeping in contact with these dear friends of mine even we are all on different paths, hope this will continue on into the future and this Christmas had been splendid. Wouldn't ask for more. (:

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