Friday, September 30, 2011

80th Birthday/Buffet

Last Sunday celebrated Grandpa's 80th Birthday at Peng Restaurant. 10-course meal to go through, seriously ate till bloated. Food was quite delicious too, I'm sure Grandpa enjoyed it cos almost the whole family was present(:
Photos credit to cousin!

Yesterday went out with the girls for buffet,1st time also.Lol,come to think of it,most of my 1st times were given to them. Anyway, went to Seoul Garden, I'm sure a lot of people already tried before, for our lunch.I think it also took up my dinner meal also so...meh.

But, had an awesome buffet time with them!Food was yummy too,especially all the different flavours of chicken meat.Hehes,free flow of everything~

Walked,talked,shopped.Time pass fast when I'm enjoying with them.Sigh, sometimes its really hard to catch up with all of them cos of our school time clashing or everyone had their own commitments to fulfil which resulted in drifting.As they say, "things change, people grow".Hahas, can't really expect everything to still stay the same right?

I had fun nevertheless!Can't wait for the next outing!Thanks for all the joys-YingXin,Kelly & SinYi(:

Sadly, no news heard from the recruiter,damn.Had to try again next sem,arghhhhhhhh.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Time For Icy Fun

2nd attempt on ice-skating with YingXin & HuiSan.Could say I've improved quite a bit from the previous 1st time(Sec2/3?) I tried,heh.

Fun & cold experience and saw professional figure skaters,young and soooo talented,hahas.The whole time I tried to skate, I was holding onto the surrounding walls(?),whatever its called.But but I did manage to stop holding for awhile-1min less, thrilled when I went fast but afraid of falling which sucks.

Really a BIG thank you to them for so patiently helping/teaching me along for the past 2hours(!!) & really sorry for the burden,can't enjoy fully:(

Finally, my ear is cleared!!!Never been more happy,after weeks of difficult hearing,I can finally hear everything so much clearly now!!!Thank God(:

Been watching many shows,so so so exciting and nice,hehes.Can't wait for more episodes:>

Saturday, September 24, 2011

When We All Come Together

Had a blast with the girls on Thursday!Went to Nex for lunch at HongGuo,hongkong restaurant.Food is just all right,serving is quite large didn't finish all up.I like the golden prawns though,heh.No photos of food cos forget about taking them:s

Went up to Skygarden,played Uno all that,chatted and took photos.Should have Kelly too but did not had the chance to take with her.Next time since we will have a cook off "competition" in Oct,omg so excited for that!:>

Went for some window-shopping,only Helina bought the most,hee.It was fun anyway accompany them walking all over the place,hahas.

Love love their jumpshot,hint-photographer:>
Our standard must-take.

Mum's taking care of Gran cos she's not been feeling well,one of my relatives hospitalised and my ear is still blocked,frustrating.why oh why so many things all happened all together?Hope all will be well soon.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pepper Lunch Breakfast

For the past week having problems with my ears,had a problem listening. Presently, problem still exists, hoping the ear drops could help. It's soooo uncomfortable that all sounds are muffled and feeling of something stuck inside the ear that I can't get it out.Ugh,hopefully could recover soon:(

I had a great time searching for books to read such that sequels I've been waiting for a really loooong time finally let it be found by me.Hehe, just can't get enough of them(:

Anyway, went for swimming in the cloudy morning yesterday ,really fun slides.Can't wait for another round of it,hees.

Went for a hearty breakfast at Pepper Lunch,obviously stated above.2nd time tasting the yummy food again;definitely awesome!Especially with the honey brown sauce, feel like eating it now that I'm typing it out,lol.

Curry chicken with cheese rice for YX &...

Salmon pepper rice for me!YUMZ~

Of course,ate it with no leftover and definitely thumbs up!

Don't forget dessert!:p

Its student meal-affordable $ definitely of good quality.Next time I should bring mum to try,think she'll like it too:D

Having a workshop for 2days and finally another outing with the rest of my friends this Thurs!Woo,can't wait after a million years of not meeting(:

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chalet Girl Movie Preview

Gotten lucky again, so went on a movie preview with YX yesterday at Shaw Lido.

Movie was quite ok,rate it 3/5 stars,some comedy,romance etc.Just like those basic chick flicks,heh.But really love the snowboarding and skiing stunts(:Makes me wanna had a go too~

Didn't took a lot of photos, so here are all of them,hahas.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

I'm on my way to recovery!It's so difficult for the past few days falling sick,cant sleep well,coughing fits & stuffy nose.Been lazing around at home doing nothing.Okay,not exactly nothing but playing games(tetris battle/jojo fashion show 2/bubble town)--really nice to play btw, and reading the books borrowed from library.Heh,think I'm more of a homebody.

so went for the interviews on Monday, didn't get any job cos of the schedule I had & sick so had second thoughts.Eventually I'll have to wait awhile more for their news...wonder it is good or bad?:/

Now,it's already gonna be the end of the week.Sigh, feel like just wasting time away doing nothing productive.

H&M opened seem like quite a raved about it,probably visit it soon,like got a lot of cheap stuffs to buy,heh.Can't wait for the Abercrombie & Fitch to open too this coming end of year:>

Okay, ending here~

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Something New

Great news!Gonna go for job interview tmr,there's 2 but I'm feeling sooooo nervous cos it's been awhile since I last work.How should I answer?What should I ask?Ugh.
Shall just go for it,fingers crossed I could get a suitable job(:

You know how sometimes when you gained something,you had to sacrifice or lose something?

Fell sick on Friday,went to see doctor yesterday.Throat is killing me!Sometimes it itches sometimes dry and sometimes it hurts.Hope will get better tmr for interview.

Okay, so I've been checking my mailbox,well not exactly but asking my dad for my letter & one day it came!Was soooo excited cos I've won something!Can you guess?Hehe,I bet you'll scroll and see,yes?

Well,its actually Za cosmetics hamper,really thankful to Seventeen for this.Cos of voting for the summer dance,by luck won it.Woooo~

So gonna share with you guys what I've received.Love the packaging!First is this Za True White Prismizer, some lotion for face,first time getting this too.Fragrance is nice,yet to use it though.

Second is Za Wide Eyes Mascara,also my first time having this,comb-like brush.Do you know the colour is violet?Lol,gonna try this some time later:>

Lastly, is Za lip gloss in 03-Honey Pink.This I've tried out, smell fruity,not really sticky on lips & very shiny.My lips seem to glitter,hahas.

For me,I rarely put make-up on face cos I'm lazy to do it and seem to make me look older than I am so kinda putting it off.Heh,weird huh?Interestingly, I still like to know more about the cosmetics watching those gurus on Youtube.TeeHee.Should I write a review of the other 2 products?Comment if you'll like to know(:

Shall end here~