Friday, September 30, 2011

80th Birthday/Buffet

Last Sunday celebrated Grandpa's 80th Birthday at Peng Restaurant. 10-course meal to go through, seriously ate till bloated. Food was quite delicious too, I'm sure Grandpa enjoyed it cos almost the whole family was present(:
Photos credit to cousin!

Yesterday went out with the girls for buffet,1st time also.Lol,come to think of it,most of my 1st times were given to them. Anyway, went to Seoul Garden, I'm sure a lot of people already tried before, for our lunch.I think it also took up my dinner meal also so...meh.

But, had an awesome buffet time with them!Food was yummy too,especially all the different flavours of chicken meat.Hehes,free flow of everything~

Walked,talked,shopped.Time pass fast when I'm enjoying with them.Sigh, sometimes its really hard to catch up with all of them cos of our school time clashing or everyone had their own commitments to fulfil which resulted in drifting.As they say, "things change, people grow".Hahas, can't really expect everything to still stay the same right?

I had fun nevertheless!Can't wait for the next outing!Thanks for all the joys-YingXin,Kelly & SinYi(:

Sadly, no news heard from the recruiter,damn.Had to try again next sem,arghhhhhhhh.

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