Sunday, October 02, 2011

Cousin's Wedding Day

So Children's Day marked a special occasion for my cousin,Cyvia cos it was her wedding day!Of all the weddings I've been to,it was always the usual evening dinner,standard stuffs but for hers, it was held in a Church-Covenant House in the afternoon.Kinda gave me an eye-opening.

Didn't realized my little cousin was the Paige boy,cuteness much?Hees. The wedding began with their love story, their priest talking, sharing about what he know the couple,cracked a few jokes, Cyvia's friends singing the songs.One of them even dedicate a song to them, how sweet!Feels kind of magical somehow when the couple walked the aisle,all the beautiful moments we witnessed(:

Had buffet after that,long queue for food, ate some light snacks and home sweet home.

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