Saturday, October 22, 2011

Like The Usual

A few days back met up with YX to do HY's present,spent quite a long time to complete it but end result is still pretty,hope HY like it!(:

Yesterday a short meet up with the rest of the girls for lunch.Had a difficult time deciding what to eat.Anyway we went to Mussel Guys Restaurant in the end.

Food was tasty,we all had 3-course meal,cost rounding up to $13.60 so it's worth it.Heh.The place was quite deserted also like we booked the place,hahas.Had a short window shopping after that and it was great though nothing much we wanna buy or see.Thanks for the sweet time girls!(:

School tomorrow,I've got a feeling its gonna be even more hectic now with busy schedules and projects/assignments to complete:/
Had to survive this semester and work extra smart now...

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