Friday, October 21, 2011

Can you believe it?! Only 2days left till school starts!Time flies sooooo fast,had type it countless time but still so fresh every time.Ugh. Worse of all is all 5 choices of CDS chosen,I got into none of them-.-
Felt so confused and frustrated.It's like once the system open the portal to choose the 5 choices, I submitted in 2hours time yet still not fast enough. Though timetable,seniority and something else also would affect it but its like so ridiculous seriously. Now had to make a trip to CM or some advisor to pick a new one.Why is life so unfair?): Grrr.

On the plus side, if the CDS chosen take place on other days except Thur,I'll have no school on Thur,which would be way awesome!Hope weekends will be free too~

Oh yeah,won KHJ autographed poster(*faint* + *melt*) and some beauty products again!Love those giveaways/contests.Hehe(:

Looking forward to tomorrow too,day out with my girls again!Weeeeeeee^^

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