Sunday, October 06, 2013


Made it to October! Internship so far so good, nice colleagues and work environment, just hope it will continue to be the same till the end. Frankly speaking, everyday is just so tiring, hardest part was waking up early in the morning. Always would just look forward to Friday and then weekends. Totally lack personal time. Regardless will try to make the best of it and experience gained would be worth it.

What makes internship easier to survive was the short meet ups with my lovely girls for dinner. Glad we actually work/live near each other, and spend some time together for awhile. Social support is very important really.

Photo credit to SY and HY respectively.

Weekends spend with family and it is back to work! Wish weekends could be longer...need to repay sleep debt once internship ends, this is mentally draining.

Have a good week guys!(: